Alber BDS

Albér BDSAlber BDS battery monitoring systems continuously monitors and diagnoses all critical battery parameters for many types of battery systems. It identifies potential problems by continuously monitoring parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Tracking and reporting allow proactive data center monitoring for replacing a bad battery before it affects others in the string.

Two models are available in the BDS Series; the BDS-40 and the BDS-256XL.

Alber BDS-40

Alber BDS-40 Battery Monitoring System is built for today’s UPS Battery System Configurations, designed and optimized for UPS systems using 12 or 16 volt sealed batteries. The Alber BDS-40 scans pertinent battery parameters every 4 seconds, including overall string voltage, jar voltage, current and temperature. The unit displays real time data, automatically detecting discharges and providing alarm notification of any parameter outside the limits. The BDS-40 is designed to be mounted on top of the cabinet and uses custom cables with each connection point identified to the specific battery. Installation is quick and easy. The BDS-40 can also monitor seal batteries on racks. Each BDS-40 unit will monitor all the batteries in one cabinet, up to 40 jars.

Two different units are available. The BDS-40 Base Unit is the central point where UPS-supplied power and communication connections are made. Each additional battery cabinet in the system may then use a BDS-40 Plus Unit, which transfers the data to the Base Unit for alarm and data storage. Each Base Unit can manage up to five Plus Units for a total of six battery cabinets. The BDS-40 uses an integral Ethernet network card as standard. The easy to use Vertiv BDS system makes hard-to interpret data much more understandable and manageable. The Battery Monitor Data Manager Computer Software is included with every system. With the software you can program thresholds, identify problem batteries by making bar graphs turn red, triggering alarms and distribute alerts to e-mail lists as soon as abnormal conditions are detected. The report has built-in decision support that analyzes the data and provides suggestions for the best cause of action.

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Alber BDS-256XL

The Alber BDS-256XL Battery Monitoring System Is Designed For Today’s Large UPS Systems. Each BDS-256XL Battery Monitoring System continuously diagnoses all critical battery parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Monitor up to 256 cells/modules per string. 2 volt cells, NiCd cells, 4 volt, 6 volt, 8 volt, 12 volt and 16 volt modules supported. Automatic periodic tests of the batteries internal resistance will verify the operating integrity of the battery. If resistance values exceed set thresholds, the user can take the proactive action of replacing the bad battery before it affects the others in the string, or before it causes complete string failure. By tracking internal resistance, the system can predict and report failing conditions prior to complete failure. A time-to-go estimate algorithm, which uses discharge parameters and internal resistance readings, assists in predicting remaining battery life. Interface to the BDS-256XL is done with the Battery Monitor Data Manager software package. The Battery Monitor Report Generator software creates reports from collected data.

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