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Maximize Your Uptime with an Alber BDSU Battery Monitoring System

Unplanned data center outages present a difficult and costly challenge for organizations. While eliminating downtime altogether is a challenging undertaking, organizations can start with the most frequent cause of unplanned outages – uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery failure. In most cases, the ability to keep critical systems running through power outages is dependent on the UPS. However, a UPS is only as reliable as the batteries that support it. Batteries are one of the most “low-tech” components supporting today’s mission critical data centers but they are the most vulnerable part of an UPS system. While the vast majority of unplanned outages last less than ten seconds, a single bad battery cell can cripple a data center’s entire backup system, particularly if adequate UPS redundancy has not been implemented.

The Alber BDSU systems’ user-friendly management software translates data into actionable insights to maximize the availability of critical power systems dependent on stationary back-up batteries. The simple, intuitive software allows users to set thresholds and alarm notifications, view graphs and trends, and generate reports. The reports have built-in decision support that analyzes the data and provides suggestions for the best course of action. Alber Battery Xplorer (standard) is ideally suited for single site users with a few strings of batteries while Alber Battery Xplorer Enterprise (optional) is ideal for multi-site users with many strings of batteries.

Alber BDSU Battery Monitoring System Features

  • Detects open and shorted batteries
  • Provides advance warning of an impending battery failure
  • Eliminate the risk of human error
  • Enables extended maintenance intervals by basing maintenance on the condition of the batteries rather than arbitrarily timed schedules
  • Automates all of the IEEE recommended practices for battery maintenance and testing except visual inspections
  • Enables extended replacement intervals by basing replacement on the condition of the batteries rather than arbitrarily timed schedules
  • Provides documentation to support warranty claims
  • Detects and mitigates catastrophic conditions including thermal runaway •
  • Minimizes shock, arch-flash, burn and chemical risks by reducing personnel exposure to batteries
  • Meets the rigorous safety requirements for test and measurement equipment under UL 61010-1
  • Allows users to comply with International Fire Code (IFC) 608.3 by providing the ability to detect and control thermal runaway
  • Provides documentation to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards

For specifications on Alber BDSUi and BDSU-50, click here.

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