BTECH CellQ Discharge Data Recorder

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BTECH CellQ Discharge Data RecorderThe BTECH CellQ Discharge Data Recorder (DDR) is a multiple application platform real-time battery monitoring system for use in industries that relay on mission critical DC plants to ensure uninterrupted back-up power to critical equipment. The BTECH CellQ Discharge Data Recorder is ideally suited for collecting buss voltage float conditions and discharge data. The CellQ DDR System offers increased sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability.

The CellQ Discharge Data Recorder will record and trend:

  • System Float Voltage
  • Ambient Temperature
  • System Float Current

Typical applications

  • UPS
  • Telecommunications
  • Switchgear

Data Logging

  • During Discharges, the system will record DC Amperage and Voltage Decay.
  • All of this data can be viewed in real-time using BTECH’s Battery Validation Monitor Software Suite.

Measurement Capabilities:

  • At-a-glance R/YG LED display
  • 4 locations per controller, 8 strings per location
  • Any Buss voltage
  • Ambient Temperature
  • System Float/Discharge Voltage
  • System Float/Discharge Amperage

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