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EnerSys Spill Containment and Battery Accessories are built to handle every aspect of managing your battery investment. Our solutions for spill containment can help you protect your employees and minimize risk in the workplace. These products can also facilitate compliance with OSHA regulations and other regulatory agencies. The PRO Series line of accessories includes watering carts, watering guns and more. We also offer a full line of safety, service and maintenance accessories available with the purchase of a battery bank.

Spill Containment

enersys-spill-containmentEnerSys UL Listed Spill Containment System (WUL)

The EnerSys® UL Recognized Spill Containment Systems are unsurpassed at industrial battery spill containment and control. The features and benefits are exclusive for use in UPS, Telecommunications, Switchgear and Utility applications. The systems are designed for easy installation and retrofit in the acidic conditions of a battery room.

  • 6 Gallon kit contains up to 3 gallons of electrolyte spill
  • 15 Gallon kit contains up to 8 gallons of electrolyte spill
  • 30 Gallon kit contains up to 11 gallons of electrolyte spill
  • 55 Gallon kit contains up to 25 gallons of electrolyte spill

Spill Containment Specifications:

• UL Recognized liner has a UL94 VTM-0 Flame retardant rating. The UL94VTM-0 rating denotes a thin material flame retardant equivalent to UL94V0
• 14-mil thick liner meets NFPA Class 1, test method 2

• UL Recognized pillows have a UL94 VTM-0 Flame retardant rating Class I Fire Rated per NFPA 101
• Durable square 12” x 12” and rectangular 6” x 24” pillows are constructed of rugged 1/16” thick industrial yellow, heat sealed fabric

Spill Containment to Fit the Application


  • UL Recognized, corrosive-resistant liner with Class 1 fire rating (NFPA 101)
  • Modular Design allows for minor on-site adjustments
  • UL Listed Spill containment for stationary lead acid battery systems (VXMB)
  • Comes standard with EGD-NABPIL


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Corrosive-resistant liner with Class 1 fire rating (NFPA 101)
  • Spill containment for stationary lead acid battery systems
  • UL Listed
  • Comes standard with EGD-VRLA


  • Utilizes epoxy floor coating
  • Can be configured to fit most applications
  • Optional liner with Class 1 fire rating (Condor PLUS)
  • Comes standard with EGD-NABPIL
  • NOTE: Condor is a Non-UL Listed System



Watering Carts and Watering Gun 


PRO Series HYDROFill™ Watering Cart

  • Easy to use: Instructions right on the unit
  • Easy to fill: Large opening
  • Easy to maneuver: Handles like a hand truck
  • On/Off switch located on the rear of the unit
  • Charge the unit from any 120VAC outlet with the provided charger
  • Sturdy 10 gallon polypropylene tank
  • Sealed cell battery is included
  • Dependable water source: We’ve been selling this pumpfor nearly two decades
  • 9’ hose attaches to all PRO Series® Watering Guns
  • Sealed cell battery with 120VAC charger (charge the unit from any 120VAC outlet with the provided charger)
  • Completely compatible with 92755-STAT watering gun

PRO Series® Watering Cart EZ Fill™ DC Cart Jr. (8 Gallon or 30.28 liters)

The EZ Fill™ DC Cart Jr. is portable and is great for small and medium jobs. It is lightweight, durable and the two wheeled configuration handles like a piece of luggage. It rolls easily and is powered by a 12 volt battery that is included and mounted in the tank. The charger is also included.

PRO Series® Watering Cart EZ Fill™ DC Cart (15 & 25 Gallon)

The EZ Fill™ DC Cart is self-contained, providing unlimited range for watering a fleet of batteries. Its rugged, steel construction makes it ideal for any industrial application.

Pro FlowTM Portable Watering Carts- 12 VDC Cart (w/ 100-240 VAC Charger) – 100-115 VAC

Portable watering carts are constructed of lightweight yet strong polyethylene plastic, and feature a large 22 gallon holding capacity. They feature a variable speed pump and large refill hole with flip top cover to keep out particles. The DC powered unit includes a 12-volt sealed battery, volt meter and onboard charger. All components are DI water compatible.

PRO Series® Stationary Battery Watering Gun

  • Gun operates outside the cell and does not have automatic shutoff
  • Cone-shaped nozzle injects water through funnels of the flame arrestor vents, you can service battery without removing vent caps
  • Manually adjustable flow throttle

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