Stationary Battery Capacity Testing

Our SystemSafe Stationary Battery Capacity Testing service can help you meet the IEEE standards that capacity testing should be performed within two years of installation. Wet batteries should be tested every five years thereafter, while valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries should be tested annually. Once battery capacity dips below 85% of the manufacturer’s rating, replacement should be considered. In accordance with IEEE standards, EnerSys® performs a complete battery inspection prior to capacity testing. This initial inspection provides individual measurements of each cell and connection prior to testing, allowing EnerSys to uncover and correct problems before they cause test failure.

Battery testing can protect your bottom line. Compared to the costs of lost data or damaged equipment, battery capacity testing is very cost-effective. A key diagnostic tool for proper battery maintenance, SystemSafeSM Stationary Battery Capacity Testing can help you measure remaining battery life, plan for future purchases, gauge the effectiveness of your maintenance program, and more.

Our expertly trained technicians can monitor individual cell voltage and connection resistance. They use the most modern testing equipment and techniques, which are 15-20% more accurate than manually monitored equipment. If corrective actions are required, EnerSys can provide them.

SystemSafe Stationary Battery Capacity Testing includes:

  • 19-step Performance Test
  • 15-step Acceptance Test
  • 17-step Service Test
  • Optional backup battery and recharge
Test FeaturesPerformance TestAcceptance TestService Test
Equalize charge battery for 72 hours
prior to test
Measure and record resistance and
torque values
Measure and record specific gravity
readings (wet cells only)
Measure and record pilot cell and
ambient temperature
Read and record battery terminal
float voltage
Assemble and connect load tester
and monitor
Connect cell sensing leadsXXX
Calibrate monitoring unit XXX
Set up all test parameters in
monitor unit
Measure and record cell voltage
readings via monitor
Connect backup battery (optional)XX
Disconnect test batteryXX
Connect load testerXXX
Run test for specified time and
Recharge battery to within 0.25
volts of float voltage (optional)
Connect test batteryXX
Remove backup battery
(if applicable)
Disconnect cabling and equipmentXXX
Submit reportXXX

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