C&D XT/XT Plus/XTH Series Lead Acid Batteries

XT-seriesThe C&D XT/XT Plus/XTH Series Lead Acid Batteries have capacities from 0.370 to 7.523 Kilowatts per cell.

Optimized for high-rate, shorter duration run times, the XT and XT Plus Series VLA (Flooded) batteries have been the long-life, reliable back up power choices for your critical UPS power needs for over 20 years.

C&D XT/XT Plus/XTH Series Lead Acid Batteries Applications

  • Data Centers
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Industrial Process Control Facilities
  • Internet Hosting Sites
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Banks & Financial Markets
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Hospitals & Testing Laboratories
  • Emergency 911 Response Centers

XTH/XTH Plus Series

  • Newest multi-cell versions of XT family
  • Less rack space required – saves up to 20% rack length versus legacy models
  • Higher power density
  • All the benefits of the legacy XT Series batteries

XT/XT Plus Series

  • Proven quality
  • High performance
  • Wide range of KW ratings

C&D XT/XT Plus/XTH Series Lead Acid Batteries Features 

  • Low-maintenance lead-calcium alloy extends watering intervals
  • Design is optimized for high-rate, short duration discharges
  • Soft rubber post bushing minimizes stress on post seal, leak-free design using heli-arc process unique to C&D
  • Flame retardant covers standard to enhance battery plant safety
  • Electrical testing to 100% capacity assures performance of every battery
  • Warranty for cycle duty or float service is available
  • Hardened, lead-alloy terminals or copper-inserted posts provide better conductivity and tighter connections requiring less maintenance
  • 20 year life expectancy in float service at 77°F (25°C) ambient temperature


Below is a sampling of our more popular C&D XT/XTPLus/XTH Series Lead Calcium Batteries.

C&D XT4JC-07
C&D XT4JC-09
C&D XT4JC-11
C&D 4XTHC-07
C&D 4XTHC-09
C&D 4XTHC-11
C&D 4XTHC-13
C&D 4XTHC-15
C&D 4XTHC-17
C&D 4XTHC-19
C&D 4XTHC-21
C&D 4XTHC-23
C&D 4XTHC-25
C&D 4XTHC-27
C&D 4XTHC-29
C&D 4XTHC-31
C&D 4XTHC-33
C&D XT1LC-35
C&D XT1LC-37
C&D XT1LC-39
C&D XT1LC-41
C&D XT1LC-43
C&D XT1LC-45
C&D XT1LC-47
C&D XT1LC-49
C&D XT1LC-51
C&D XT1LC-53
C&D XT2LC-23
C&D XT2LC-25

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