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EnerSys DataSafe ES Batteries Flooded

Enersys Datasafe EEnerSys DataSafe ES batteries are economical lead-calcium, flat plate flooded batteries.  The ES unit is a medium power single-cell battery for high performance and short duration rates.  Ideal applications are UPS and switchgear. The EnerSys SataSafe ES has more than 20 years of field experience and is optimized with respect to number of plates, plate thickness and available “free electrolyte” to ensure optimum performance during short duration discharges without sacrificing component integrity.

EnerSys DataSafe ES Batteries Features 

  • Calcium alloy grids for lowest water loss resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • High integrity Slide-Lock post seal design
  • 422 to 3322 KW/Cell
  • Single cell jar
  • High 1 minute rates for switchgear applications
  • Computerized selection of number of plates and plate thickness with respect to available “free electrolyte” to ensure optimum performance during short-duration discharges without sacrificing component integrity.
  • Duration – 20 year life expectancy in float service at 770F (250C) ambient temperature.


Below is a sampling of our more popular EnerSys DataSafe ES Battery products.

DataSafe ES-5, ES-7, ES-9, ES-11, ES-13, ES-15, ES-17, ES-19, ES-21, ES-23,ES-25, ES-27, ES-29, ES-31, ES-33, ES-35, ES-37
DataSafe ES-5B, ES-7B, ES-9B, ES-11B, ES-13B, ES-15B, ES-17B, ES-19B, ES-21B, ES-23B, ES-25B, ES-27B, ES-29B, ES-31B, ES-33B, ES-35B, ES-37B

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