PowerSafe SBS XL 2700

EnerSys PowerSafe SBS XL 2700The EnerSys PowerSafe SBS XL 2700 is a 2V regulated lead acid DIN-sized single cell battery  designed to deliver exceptional performance and extra long life in stable grid float applications, including at high operating temperatures. Combining thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology and the use of catalysts, SBS XL’s battery extended life results in reduced battery replacements and low total cost of ownership.

EnerSys PowerSafe SBS XL 2700 Benefits

  • Pure lead technology for longer life operation
  • 20 year design life at 68°F – 10 year design life at 86°F 
  • Designed for stable grid float applications
  • Outstanding Ampere-hour range: 320 to 3900Ah
  • Classic industry-standard design (DIN)
  • Wide operating temperature range of – 40°F to +122°F
  • Installation in vertical or horizontal orientation 
  • 24 month storage life at 68°F for maximum flexibility in project deployment
  • Low total cost of ownership

EnerSys PowerSafe SBS XL 2700 Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 2V
Nominal Capacity (Ah) C10/1.80Vpc/@68°F: 2700
Terminal: 6X M10 F
Length: 8.4 in.
Width: 15.6 in.
Height (over insulation): 32.3in.
Weight: 359.4 lbs.

For more information, see the data sheet.

For more information about EnerSys PowerSafe SBS XL 2V DIN,
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