MK Battery 8G27-T876

MK Battery 8G27-T876The MK Battery 8G27-T876 Sealed VRLA Gel Battery boasts advanced design and manufacturing. Because Sealed VRLA Gel Batteries are sealed, they do not need any additional water, making them maintenance-free. They are ideal for deep cycling applications. Gel batteries won’t spill acid when turned on their side, or even if the battery breaks, making them a safer option.

MK Battery 8G27-T876 Features

  • 100% maintenance free – No need to check electrolyte levels
  • IPF Technology – Optimizes power capacity, cell consistency and long-term reliability
  • Recombinant construction with gelled electrolyte – Eliminates spills, gases and terminal corrosion under normal operating conditions
  • Over 250 quality control checks – Guarantees highest quality performance and reliability

MK Battery 8G27-T876 Specifications

Voltage: 12V
Nominal Ah Capacity: 5 Hr rate – 72.0 Hr rate – 88.0
Peak Ah Capacity: 5 Hr rate – 76.0, 20 Hr rate – 91.0
Minutes discharged @ 25 Amps: 170
Minutes discharged @ 75 Amps: 40
CA @ 32°F: 550
Dimensions: 12.83 in L x 6.56 in. W x 9.30 in Total Height
Weight: 63 lbs.

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