MK Battery 8G4D LTP

MK Battery 8G4D LTPThe MK Battery 8G4D LTP Sealed VRLA Gel Battery boasts advanced design and manufacturing. Because Sealed VRLA Gel Batteries are sealed, they do not need any additional water, making them maintenance-free. They are ideal for deep cycling applications. Gel batteries won’t spill acid when turned on their side, or even if the battery breaks, making them a safer option.

MK Battery 8G4D LTP Features

  • 100% maintenance free – No need to check electrolyte levels
  • IPF Technology – Optimizes power capacity, cell consistency and long-term reliability
  • Recombinant construction with gelled electrolyte – Eliminates spills, gases and terminal corrosion under normal operating conditions
  • Over 250 quality control checks – Guarantees highest quality performance and reliability

MK Battery 8G4D LTP Specifications

Voltage: 12V
Nominal Ah Capacity: 5 Hr rate – 153 Hr rate – 183
Peak Ah Capacity: 5 Hr rate – 153, 20 Hr rate – 193
Minutes discharged @ 25 Amps: 395
Minutes discharged @ 75 Amps: 105
CA@ 32°F: 1245
Dimensions: 20.75 in L x 8.44 in. W x 10.0 in Total Height
Weight: 137 lbs.

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