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Power Battery TC-1235L

TC1235L Power BatteryPower Battery TC-1235L is no longer being manufactured, however, Power Solutions offers many replacement alternatives.

Power Battery TC-1235L Specification

  • 12 volt, 33 aH, 0.712 kw
  • dimensions: 7.71 L x 5.18 W x 7.19 H
  • weight: 26.7 pounds
  • Terminal Type: “L” Type


  • Ten year design life in stanby float service.
  • Non-spillable valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA) design.
  • Never needs watering, minimal maintenance.
  • Flame retardant cases are optional (TC and SLF models).
  • Cold forged non-porous terminal bushings eliminate post leakage.

Weight: 27.00 pounds.

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