ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet

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ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet

The ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinets are the first nickel-zinc battery energy storage solution with backward and forward compatibility and megawatt class uninterruptible power supply (UPS) inverters. ZincFive’s nickel-zinc technology offers a smaller footprint, minimal maintenance, no thermal runaway, as well as the highest reliability and widest operating temperature range, and is ideal for mission-critical data centers.

Benefits of Nickel-Zinc Batteries

  • Offer superior power density, a low total cost of ownership and twice the typical industry-required cycle life when compared to other battery options, and all in a small footprint.
  • Have no thermal runaway or travel restrictions and contain no hazardous materials.
  • The most environmentally friendly option. Made with safe and abundant materials and have no VOCs.
  • Saves up to 6 times more GHG emissions compared to Li-ion batteries and up to 4 times more GHG emissions than Lead-acid or Gel batteries.
  • The carbon payback of the NiZn is between 0.16 and 0.21 years, while the carbon payback for all other batteries exceed one year.
  • Ability to operate at high temperatures.

ZincFive BC Series Battery Cabinet Features

  • Industry-leading safety with no thermal runaway
  • Depleted NiZn cells remain conductive, enabling reliable string operation
  • High power density in a light-weight package
  • Module level monitoring, string level management
  • Over/under current, voltage, and temp protection
  • Easy maintenance pullout battery trays
  • Seismic IBC 2018 rated, highly durable cabinet design
  • Highly effective charge control across multiple inverter platforms

ZincFive BC Series Specifications


ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet 481V


ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet 494V


ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet 507V



Nominal Voltage Range

481 Vdc

494 Vdc

507 Vdc

Charge Voltage Range

552 Vdc to 566 Vdc

567 Vdc to 581 Vdc

582 Vdc to 596 Vdc

Charge Method

BMS adapts lead-acid charge profile to nickel-zinc charge profile and subsequent intermittent boost charge

Min. and Max. Charge Current

20 A min.; 160 A max.

Standard Charging Current

80 A

Charge Time

Ranges from 2 hours to 5 hours for 0-100% SOC, dependent on charge current

Low Voltage Cutoff

370 Vdc

380 Vdc

390 Vdc

Nominal Capacity C/2 at 25°C

>80 Ah

Nominal Energy Storage at C/2

37 kWh

38 kWh

39 kWh

Battery Chemistry

NiZn with starved, KOH aqueous electrolyte (Alkaline, no acid)

Maximum Discharge Current

800 A

Single String Battery Configuration

37 Battery modules in a single string per cabinet (37S1P)

38 Battery modules in a single string per cabinet (38S1P)

39 Battery modules in a single string per cabinet (39S1P)

Operating Temperature Range

20°C to 35°C


82 inches


26.6 inches


31 inches

Total Weight

1,925 lbs.

1,960 lbs.

1,995 lbs.

For more in-depth specs, see the data sheet.

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