New Service to Digitize Electrical One Line Diagrams

New! – Power Solutions, LLC and Schneider Electric are now offering a service to Digitize Electrical One Line Diagrams for missing, out-of-date, or hard copy only Single Line Diagrams. This digitization service makes it easier to keep track of changes in a site’s power distribution with digital updates to the electrical one-line anytime changes are made. For older […]

Perimeter Cooling vs. In-Row Cooling

Despite what many predicted, the adoption of cloud computing has not eliminated the need to maximize rack densities and pack as much computing power as possible into small footprints. In many data centers, the compute power demand per rack is growing, not shrinking, and the cooling demand is increasing.  Many facilities are aging buildings with […]

The Importance of Service, Maintenance, and Replacement of EOL Products

Constraints on time and capital budget make it easy to put off planning and budgeting for the replacement of aging power equipment – particularly if that equipment seems to be operating just fine. Budgeting cycles and lead times are long, which means the time between requesting funds, receiving budget approval, and then lead time for the […]

The Advantages of Modular UPS

Three-Phase and larger Single-Phase UPS equipment is designed to last 10-12 years.  In today’s rapidly changing IT environments, the constant change in IT load creates a fluctuating power demand that makes it difficult to right-size a UPS. Virtualization, migration to the cloud, edge computing, and more recently, the increase in remote work and learning are […]

Schneider Electric Price Increase Effective February 1st

Schneider Electric announced today a price increase on 3-Phase Galaxy UPS and Services effective Wednesday, February 1, 2023. This increase affects Galaxy VS, VM, and 3-Phase Lithium-Ion battery cabinets. The services price increase is more widespread to include Advantage Plans, Warranty Extensions, UPS Battery Replacement Services, and UPS Modernization Services. The price increase for 3-Phase UPS equipment […]

The New Smart-UPS Modular Ultra

Schneider Electric just launched their most reliable, flexible, and configurable single phase UPS ever! The brand new APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra is a high-density, efficient, compact UPS powered by Lithium-Ion batteries and available in 5kW – 20kW configurations. The APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra is a next generation UPS with an internally redundant-capable architecture. Its flexible design, […]

UPS and InRow Cooling End of Life Reminders

The APC Symmetra PX 80kW, a compact UPS solution often installed in small to medium data centers, was frequently paired with APC ACRC100 Series InRow units to create efficient line-up-and-match server rooms in the mid to late 2000’s. This popular UPS and Cooling combination was discontinued by the manufacturer several years ago. The APC Symmetra PX […]

Storm Preparation for Data Centers

Reliable back-up power for critical infrastructure is essential to keep your business operational. Losing even just a few seconds, let alone minutes, can have a significant negative impact and cost thousands or more in lost revenue. Widespread and long-duration power outages can threaten an organization’s business continuity, or in some applications, can be life-threatening. Power outages are […]

Engineering Support for MEP Contractors and End-Users

Engineering Support for MEP Contractors and End-Users As a vendor-agnostic solution provider, Power Solutions, LLC specializes in identifying and securing the best solution for a specific application regardless of manufacturer. This objective approach means we can help engineers and end-users specify the best product and service options for critical power and cooling projects. As a […]

Eltek Flatpack DC Power Systems Ready to Ship

Supply Chain disruptions continue to negatively impact lead times for many categories within our industry. One of the hardest hit product lines has been DC power systems. Many manufacturers are quoting lead times in excess of 1 year. We have been able to secure pre-configured Eltek FlatPack DC Power Systems in three commonly used sizes – 80Amp, 200Amp, […]

UPS System Rental: Minimize the Effect of Long Lead Times

UPS system rental provides interim back-up power and keeps projects moving while waiting for the final equipment delivery. Renting, once an option that was only used on rare occasion, is increasing in popularity out of pure necessity. Lead times for three-phase UPS equipment are stretching to 30 weeks, 40 weeks or even 60 weeks or more. Many of […]

Micro Data Centers: Non-Traditional Indoor IT Space Solution

A Micro Data Center is a solution to the continued growth of The Edge, and the demand for more networking and compute power, that has many organizations scrambling to find space for more IT infrastructure. In today’s world, where IT equipment needs to be deployed just about anywhere, computing and networking gear may be installed […]