Liebert DMC Indoor Condenser

Liebert DMC Indoor CondenserThe Vertiv Liebert DMC Indoor Condenser, 5-18kW, is an indoor, water/glycol condenser designed for the Liebert Datamate cooling system. The low profile permits floor or wall mount requiring little or no floor space which is ideal for small spaces.

Liebert DMC Indoor Condenser Features

  • System-matched outdoor condenser
  • Operates in low temperatures with winter operation models
  • Connects easily
  • Pressure safety controls and built-in overload protection
  • Complete cooling solution with integrated water/glycol-cooled condensing unit and evaporator.
  • Close-coupling with evaporator unit reduces electrical and piping infrastructure required.
  • Quiet operation
  • Delivered fully wired, piped and tested
  • Supports fast plan approval and building inspection with CSA agency approval

DMC Indoor Condenser Specifications

ModelsHeight (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Weight (lbs)
DMC022WG,DMC029WG,DMC040WG32 in 14 in 12 in 170 lbs 

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