Liebert XDU Coolant Distribution Unit

Liebert XDU Coolant Distribution UnitVertiv Liebert XDU Coolant Distribution Unit is a liquid-to-air heat exchanger for chip cooling applications that offers easy, cost-effective deployment in any data center. Designed to remove barriers to liquid cooling in an air-cooled environment, the XDU Coolant Distribution Unit operates without facilities water, allowing you to tap into the benefits of water-cooled servers to more efficiently support higher rack densities without incurring the costs of major infrastructure changes.

With its row-based format and 60 kW+ of heat rejection, the Liebert XDU can handle the thermal needs of today’s advanced hardware without taking up valuable rack space. The fully-enclosed system operates with minimal water volume and is filled at the time of installation. It can be mounted adjacent to or nearby a cabinet of water-cooled servers to channel rejected hot air to the right location in the data center space where it can be effectively handled by existing air-cooled units, coordinating with the facility’s current cooling configuration.

The XDU features the option of hose piping, an integrated filter to ensure water quality, and a redundant pump design for reliability. Variable speed drive (VSD) controls, EC fans, and state-of-the-art Liebert iCOM™ Controls allow you to set the flow rate based on facility conditions and automatically match supply water temperature to the load for highly efficient operation.

Liebert XDU Coolant Distribution Unit Features

  • Reduces the capital expense associated with liquid cooling in an air-cooled environment
  • Increased efficiency benefits in high-density environments
  • Eliminates overcooling
  • Simple, fast deployment
  • Accommodates any facility design and seamlessly integrates with current cooling configuration
  • Prevents leaks and protects server integrity and performance
  • Complete visibility of operating conditions and unit status for peace of mind

Liebert XDU Coolant Distribution Unit Specifications

Net Sensible Nominal Capacity kBtuh[kW]Nominal: 37.1 kW (50% fan speed), Max: 63.0 kW (at 100% fan speed)
Nominal Airflow Data Center Air (CFM, m3/H)Nominal: 2825 m3/h (1663 CFM) at 50% fan speed, Max: 5650 m3/h (3325 CFM)
Input Voltage (V/Phase/Frequency Hz)208V, 3PH, 60Hz
Controls and MonitoringLiebert iCOM control with 7” color touch screen display
Weight847 lbs
Height42U, 78 3/4 in
Width23 5/8 in
Depth46 ¼ in

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