Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling

Vertiv VRC Rack CoolingThe Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling System, is designed to meet cooling requirements for small server room, network closet, and edge applications up to 3500 watts per cabinet. The Vertiv VRC IT rack cooling unit packs powerful, scalable and energy-efficient cooling into a compact unit. It fits into most standard 19-inch network racks, freeing up valuable floor space.

The VRC system is available in Self-contained or Split versions;

  • The Self-contained is designed specifically for fast and easy installation in small spaces where heat can be rejected into a ventilated double ceiling or larger rooms where heat can be discharged directly into the room.
  • The Split version is designed for applications that lack a double ceiling, building air conditioning, or the ability to handle in-building heat rejection.

Both versions mount within standard EIA 19-inch network racks and are compatible with open (perforated) and solid or plexiglass closed-rack systems. Equipped with variable speed compressor and fans to match cooling with the IT load in the room, enabling low energy consumption and scalable capacity.

If dedicated IT space is at a premium, the VRC allows racks to be installed in non-IT environments. The remote monitoring abilities show the status and performance of server cooling system on the unit’s display or remotely using the plug-in SNMP communication card or Modbus RTU.

Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling Features

  • Easy deployment and operation
  • SNMP/HTTP/Modbus remote monitoring
  • Installed into most standard racks so does not requires IT floor space
  • Low Operating costs – unit always adjusts its cooling capacity and airflow to match the actual server needs
  • Advanced controls
  • Quick deployment – Large in-stock inventory and quick shipments
  • Accessories included in the packaging – display, condensate pump, SNMP/Modbus monitoring card
  • 2 year standard warranty

VRC Rack Cooling Specifications

Self Contained ModelVRC100KITVRC101KIT
Input Voltage120V/1Ph/60Hz208-230V/1Ph/60Hz
Net Sensible Cooling Capacity3500 (12000BTU/h)
Capacity Modulation25 – 100%
Power Plug5–20P
Total Current16.5 Amps
CommunicationsSNMP, Modbus RTU
Occupied U Space10U
Dimensions (HxDxW)17.3 x 38.5 x 17.4 in
Weight161 lbs
Split Version ModelVRC200KITVRC201KIT
 VRC200KIT (Indoor)
VRC350KIT (Outdoor)
Min. Outdoor Operating Temp.-29°F
Input Voltage – Indoor120V/1Ph/60Hz208V/1Ph/60Hz
Input Voltage – Outdoor208V/1Ph/60Hz208V/1Ph/60Hz
Cooling Capacity3400W (11600BTU/h)
Capacity Modulation25 – 100%
Power ConnectionHard Wired (terminal block)
Total current (indoor/outdoor)2.1A/7.2A1.7A/7.2A
CommunicationsSNMP, Modbus RTU
Occupied U Space6U
Dimensions Indoor (HxDxW)10.39 x 23.7 x 17.4 in
Dimensions Outdoor (HxDxW)20.75 x 11.1 x 45.6 in
Weight (indoor/outdoor)50 lbs/150 lbs

For more information about Vertiv Cooling solutions,
call 800-876-9373 or email sales@power-solutions.com.