Surge Suppressors

Surge SuppressorTransient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) provides protection against transient surges, which can happen so quickly that they do not register on normal electrical testing equipment.

Surge suppressors or surge protectors are the most basic form of power protection. A surge suppressor is often used to shield important, but less critical or highly sensitive equipment. It is also used as a complement to more comprehensive power protection solutions. They are passive electronic devices that protect against transient high-level voltages.

Transients are often the cause of “unexplained” equipment problems, computer lock-up, data loss, and other “gremlins” inside a facility. Transient voltage surge suppressors can be incorporated into voltage regulators, power conditioners, and UPS for added protection.

Depending on the components involved, surge suppressors offer limited protection against power surges. In the case of frequent high voltage spikes, a high quality surge suppressor is a good choice. When large equipment like AC motors are turned on and off, they create large, fast voltage changes (switching transients). However, low frequency surges (slow changes at 400 Hz or less) can be too great for a surge suppressor attempting to clamp that surge.

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