OmniOn Infinity D DC Power System

OmniOn Infinity D DC Power SystemThe OmniOn Infinity D DC Power system is a build as you grown modular power plant that supports dual voltage (+24V/- 48V) operation through the use of a comprehensive range of advanced rectifiers and DC/DC converters. Primary voltage is supported by rectifiers and battery reserve, while secondary voltage is supported by DC/DC converter modules. Primary voltage can be -48V or +24V.

The Infinity D DC Power System is comprised of a group of small power plants stacked to build a more robust system.  Each 200A module can act as a stand alone power system and can be stacked to as many as 8 modules.  The Infinity D power modules can be added in the field while the system is live.  Easy to deploy and modify without compromising the load, the Infinity D Power System is perfect for applications where quick and easy deployment is critical.

The Infinity D Power System has primary voltage capacity for +24V and -48V power up to 1,600A; secondary voltage capacity is up to 300A per expansion.

Note: OmniOn Power was formerly ABB/GE Critical Power

OmniOn Infinity D DC Power System Benefits

  • Modular DC power system enables low initial investment with future expansion potential
  • -48V up to 1,600A (87KW) or +24V up to 1,600A (43KW)
  • DC Power Plant with 24V and 48V DC dual voltage flexibility
  • High-availability wireless telecom applications
  • Telecom service providers and OEMs
  • Efficiency approaching 97%

For in-depth specifications, see the Spec Sheet / Brochure.

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