OmniOn GPS 4830 Large DC Power Plant

OmniOn GPS 4830 Large DC Power PlantThe OmniOn GPS 4830 Large DC Power Plant integrates the time tested DC distribution found in the GPS 4848 with the new high efficiency GP100 rectifier. A bay with 2640 amps of rectifier capacity also has up to 45 inches of vertical space available in the bay for DC distribution panels. A GPS 4830 system provides ampacity and distribution for most applications up to 7920 amps at -48V DC while retaining all the proven features found with the larger GPS 4848.

Note: OmniOn Power was formerly ABB/GE Critical Power 

OmniOn GPS 4830 Features

  • 3-phase 480V AC Input
  • GP100 Rectifier block
  • Rectifier efficiencies exceeding 96%
  • Up to 2640 amps 48V DC from single bay
  • System Capacity of 7920 amps at 48V DC

OmniOn GPS 4830 Specifications

Voltage Range: 320-530Vac
Input Current: 10A @ 380Vac 3p 8A @ 480Vac 3P
Input Frequency: 47 – 66Hz
Power Factor: 0.995 at>50% load
Efficiency: 96.5%
Voltage Adjust Range: 42-58Vdc
Voltage Nominal: 54.5V
Regulation (With Controller): ±0.05% typical Ripple 250mVrms
Output Current: 110A
Heat Dissipation @ Max Out: 1 217 W/740 btu @ max out
Power Density: 27 Watts/In3
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +75°C (-40 to 167°F)
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Humidity: < 95% non-condensing
Length (inch/mm): 17.36/441
Width (inch/mm): 7.97 / 202
Height (inch/mm): 1.61 / 41
Weight (lb/Kg): 9.85 / 4.5

For more in-depth information see the product brochure.

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