Alpha 24/48Vdc Cordex PSU

The Alpha 24/48Vdc Cordex PSU is an integrated, fully-featured DC power system in a compact form factor. The 24/48Vdc Cordex PSU is web enabled, 24V/400W or 48V/650WDIN power supply with rail/wall mount designed to provide power to critical loads.

The 24/48Vdc Cordex PSU by Alpha, an EnerSys company, enables remote site monitoring and delivery of critical information on demand. The PSU supplies reliable and low output ripple current along with short circuit, over voltage, over temperature and over load protection. It also features advanced battery charging, monitoring and testing functionality. Two temperature, two digital and one analog inputs can be used for monitoring system alarms such as intrusion detection or equipment malfunction.

With an integrated CXCI+ controller, the PDU offers comprehensive local and remote control and monitoring. Set-up is easy using a standard Windows Internet Explorer browser. SMTP features ‘enable alarm’ condition settings and multiple automatic notification options by e-mail to a computer, server or smartphone. Sites without internet access can use the integrated CXCI+ controller as an advanced standalone data logging system, allowing the capture of data from multiple inputs such as AC/DC voltages, load/battery current, and cell voltage/temperature. The CXCI+ captures and retains 90 days’ statistical data and 500 alarm events, ready for download to a laptop for site history file and analysis of system performance, power system details, thermal performance of outdoor enclosures and failure conditions.

Alpha 24/48Vdc Cordex PSU Features

  • Clean and reliable DC power supply for critical loads available in two options: 24V/400W or 48V/650W
  • Internet ready and remotely accessible for complete and cost-effective system and site monitoring
  • Advanced battery charging, monitoring and testing to ensure sufficient reserve power availability and prolonged battery life
  • Configurable platform with I/O’s for site monitoring, user-definable alarms, data logging and control
  • Extended temperature range for installation in harsh outdoor environments
  • Wide AC input operating range for world wide installation requirements

Alpha 24/48Vdc Cordex PSU Specifications

Input voltage (operating)176 to 320Vac90 to 320Vac
Current5.0A max4.9Z max
Output Voltage42 to 58 Vdc20 to 29Vdc
Operating Temperature-40 to 122°F-40 to 122°F
Dimensions (inches)4.6H x 11.1W x 3.98D4.6H x 11.1W x 3.98D

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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