Alpha 48Vdc Cordex 1kW Shelf System

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Alpha 48Vdc Cordex 1kW Shelf SystemAlpha 48Vdc Cordex 1kW Shelf System, a modular, rectifier designed for communications applications.  The Cordex 1kW modular systems, by Alpha, an EnerSys company, range from a 6kW bulk power 19″ shelf to a 4kW fully integrated 23″ shelf power system with CXCM plug-in controller and distribution module.

The Cordex 1kW rectifier modules feature complete hot swappability, high efficiency with power factor correction, unique power limiting capability and wide range input. The distribution module option is available with (6) plug-in style breakers for load distribution and battery disconnects as well as a GMT type fuse option for additional loads. Convection cooling and an ultra compact design make them an ideal solution for the communications industry.

Alpha 48Vdc Cordex 1kW Shelf System Features

  • Modular rectifier solution provides multiple configurations up to 125A for various 48Vdc applications
  • Convection-cooled design for high reliability in harsh industrial environments
  • Wide range AC input
  • Integrated system capability with modular controller and DC distribution

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