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48Vdc CXPS-C 48-12000The Alpha 48Vdc CXPS-C 48-12000  is a high capacity centralized DC power plant system ideal for large communications applications. This system combines the ease-of-installation, advanced microprocessor based oversight, and modular rectifiers into a seamless integrated package. Shunt mux provides single point monitoring of branch distribution with data logging features.

The Cordex CXPS-C system, by Alpha, an EnerSys company, is cost effective due to the internal copper busswork, and is delivered ready to assemble with factory tested components. Cable access is from the top; for standard installations and bottom; (load circuits) for computer floor applications. Hot swappable Cordex power modules and internal busswork provide safe and easy installation and maintenance.

With its ease of service, installation, and maintenance combined in a large switching center plant, the CXPS-C enables service providers to reap the economic benefits of high efficiency rectifiers, high density design and intelligent control. Unlike other large plants, the CXPS-C offers 4000 Amps of rectification in a single bay which can be equipped with either single phase or 3-phase rectifiers.

Alpha 48Vdc CXPS-C 48-12000 Features

  • 48V 12,000A centralized power solution for MSC, CO, Data Center and Cable Headend facilities
  • High efficiency Cordex modular rectifiers reduce operating costs
  • Flexible circuit breaker, TPS and TPL fuse options designed to feed equipment or remote BDFBs
  • Compact footprint dramatically reduces floor space requirements
  • Internal Bay-to-Bay copper busswork and easy access to connections simplify installation and serviceability
  • Expandable power and distribution bays allow for easy and cost effective modular growth
  • With external busswork the system is capable of 20,000A using the 4kW rectifier

Alpha 48Vdc CXPS-C 48-12000 Specifications

ModelCXPS-C 48V
4 kW AC Input

– 208VAC 3 phase, 8 x 100A feeds per rectifier bay or 16 x 50A feeds per rectifier bay

– 480/277VAC 3 phase, 8x 50A feeds per rectifier bay or 16 x 30A feeds per rectifier bay

Rectifier Voltage208 or 480VAC
12kW AC Input480VAC 3 phase, 8 x 50A feeds per rectifier bay or 16 x 30A feeds per rectifier bay
Rectifier Voltage480VAC
Internal Bus Capacity4,000A, 8,000A, 12,000A
Rectifier Bay Capacity2,000A or 4,000A
Distribution Bay Capacity6,000A
Temperature range32 to 122° F
Dimensions (in.)84H x 28W x 28D

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.


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