Eltek Chameleon Rectifiers

Eltek Chameleon RectifiersEltek Chameleon Rectifiers (48/650 HE) are a stand alone rectifier with 20-200ms hold-up time which is just enough to manage normal mains disruptions without dropping the output. The Chameleon 48/650 HE meets the challenges faced by installers of LTE/4G networks. It is small, lightweight, quick to install and provides the power required. The Chameleon is designed to look insignificant in order to blend into most environments. Featuring a heat sink for optimal passive cooling, the Chameleon is a high efficiency rectifier that meets global compliance standards. (CE & UL)

Eltek Chameleon Rectifiers Features

  • Surge protection on both input and output
  • 20 or 200 ms hold-up time
  • Heat sink for optimal passive cooling
  • IP 65 plug and play connectors
  • Wide temperature range
  • Wall or pole mount
  • High Efficiency
  • Global compliance (CE, UL)

Chameleon Rectifiers Telecom – Mobile/Wireless Applications

  • Small Cell
  • LTE
  • 3G
  • 4G

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