Eltek Flatpack S 2U

Eltek Flatpack S 2UThe Eltek Flatpack S 2U Compact and High Efficiency DC Power System, 2U System, -48V/200A, is a small power-dense system based on pluggable breakers and rectifiers and can easily be configured to fit your required application, even in field. The combination of Flatpack S HE rectifier and Smartpack S controller ensures safe, reliable and environmental friendly operation.

The shallow depth makes it suitable for most cabinets. The Flatpack S family is the key for future needs such as increasing network speed demands and flexible and expandable DC power solutions. This system boasts a small size, high efficiency, reliability and wide range of communication. Popular configurations may be available with short lead times.

The Eltek Flatpack S 2U system is an optimal footprint for applications where space is limited – both in racks and various cabinet installations. The Flatpack S 2U is a two rack-unit high system that delivers 48V DC power to telecom infrastructure. The compact size of the system makes it perfect for use in 19″ wide racks and cabinets. Built as a plug-and-play system, the Flatpack S 2U reduces installation time and enables cost-effective deployment.

Eltek Flatpack S 2U Key Features

  • Complete system
  • SmartpackS controller
  • High efficiency rectifiers
  • Battery and Load distribution
  • 270 mm system depth
  • 2U height
  • Hot pluggable rectifiers and controller
  • Advanced control and monitoring through ethernet port
  • 4 large breaker positions for battery and load
  • 10 x 30AMCB distribution
  • Push-in front connection
  • LVBD included, LVLD (optional)

Eltek Flatpack 2U Specifications

  • 2U System, -48V/200A output, rear wire, LVBD
  • 19″ / 2RU / Mid or flush mount
  • Individual AC inputs, total 6 inputs, rear access 
  • 6 Rectifier positions, compatible with 48V/1800W and 48V/1000W Rectifier
  • 10 GMT Fuse positions, Terminal block, 60A Total load, Rear connection 
  • 4 Load Breaker Positions (Up to 100A), Rear access
  • Load bulk output, rear access
  • 2 Battery breaker positions (Up to 100A), rear access
  • Shunt and LVBD contactor on battery circuit

Eltek Flatpack S 2U Applications

  • 4G/LTE
  • FTTX
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Microwave broadband
  • Cable broadband
  • Telephony servers and switches
  • Fiber-optics
For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet

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