Eltek Trilogy DC Power System

Eltek Trilogy DC Power SystemThe Eltek Trilogy DC power system is powered by the Flatpack2 line of power modules. With a maximum depth of 15 inches, the Trilogy system brings the Flatpack2 modules to applications where space is limited. Use of established components—including the efficient and reliable Flatpack2 rectifier, the robust Smartpack controller, and remarkably flexible distribution—make for optimal system design and cost-effective deployment.

The Eltek Valere 48V Flatpack2 HE rectifier provides reliable DC power at an unparalleled typical efficiency of 96%. It is a hot-plug, digital switched-mode power supply module that operates on a wide range of input voltages (85 to 300VAC) and provides 2000W. The power shelf holds up to four rectifiers and mounts into standard 19” and 23” telecommunications racks.


Eltek Trilogy System Key Features

  • Power output options of 300A, 400A, or 600A
  • Low-cost, reliable solutions with standardized components
  • Surge and short circuit protection
  • Temperature monitoring and over-temperature protection
  • Status LEDs on each rectifier
  • Autonomous, active current sharing between rectifiers
  • Typical rectifier efficiency of 96% (48V Flatpack2 HE at nominal load)
  • USB port and PowerSuite software for computer interface
  • Ethernet port for Web/SNMP interface
  • Advanced battery monitoring and control features
  • Configurable two-bus breaker panel with 20 or 24 breaker positions (19” or 23” width, respectively)
  • 15” (381 mm) depth
  • 600A rating
  • Breaker puller
  • LVD options
  • Rear-access bulk landings
  • Additional distribution panel option

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