Eltek Flatpack2 Rectifiers

Eltek Flatpack2 RectifiersThe most efficient rectifier in the industry, Eltek Flatpack2 Rectifiers combine innovative design, efficiency and reliability. With an efficiency rating over 95%, the losses have been reduced by 50% compared to the current industry standard. In a global perspective, considering the high energy consumption in the telecom industry, this technology breakthrough is not only reducing operational cost for the operators, but it can also have a significant environmental impact.

Since setting the new standard for rectifier efficiency, the Flatpack2 HE family is now available in a variety of voltages and power ratings, all with superior efficiency up to 96.5%. With more than 4 billion in-field operating hours and a proven cumulative field MTBF of more than 1,9 million hours, Flatpack 2 HE is the only HE (High Efficiency) rectifier with a proven track record.

The HE rectifier is made fully compliant with the standard Eltek Flatpack2 Rectifier which means it can be used in any FP2 system solution, whether it is in new installations, site expansions, or replacement programs.

Eltek Flatpack2 Rectifiers are available in:

Flatpack2 Rectifiers Applications

  • Mobile / Wireless
  • Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
  • LTE / 4G / WiMAX
  • Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
  • Microwave
  • Broadband
  • Central Office
  • Telephony servers / switches
  • Fiber Optics
  • Microwave
  • Cable
  • Broadband
  • Broadcast
  • Data Centers
  • Scada
  • Efficiency Upgrade Kits

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