CE+T Modular Inverter System (MPC)

CE+T Modular Inverter System (MPC)The CE+T Modular Inverter System (MPC or Media Power Center) is a portable sub-assembly specially designed to complement DC power plants. The MPC is compact and can be installed into a new or existing rack.

The MPC uses the 1.5kVA Media inverter module for a 12kVA system rated for 120/240vac single-phase output or 18kVA at 208vac 3-phase output and can be configured with an optional AC wrap-around bypass.  MPC comes with built-in in/out protections to piggyback any existing power source and can fit in either a 19-inch or 23-inch rack.

TSI Enhanced Power Conversion mode produces high quality AC by drawing power from the AC mains and DC sources, simultaneously guaranteeing output power as long as one input source is available.

The MPC is ideal in harsh electrical environments and for long autonomy requirements, the Media Power Center handles any type of AC load including compressors and induction motors.

CE+T Modular Inverter System (MPC) Features

  • Permanent AC to AC double conversion
  • Redundant AC & DC input sources
  • Preserve battery life expectancy
  • Compact form factor with short depth
  • Can be used in 120Vac, 120/240Vac and 120/208Vac system configurations

MPC Specifications

DC Input Specifications

  • Nominal voltage (DC)/Voltage range: 48V/(40 – 58V)
  • Input voltage boundaries: Adjustable from 40V to 57V

AC Input Specifications

  • Voltage range (AC)(Full power rating): 104 – 140Vac
  • Brownout range and behavior: 80 – 140 Vac use DC source contribution if needed (can be disabled)
  • Power Factor: >99%
  • Frequency range (selectable)/synchronization range 50 – 60 Hz / 47 – 53 Hz or 57 – 63 Hz

AC Output Specifications

  • Frequency/frequency accuracy: 50 – 60 Hz/0.03 %
  • Load impact recovery time: 0.4 ms
  • Long duration overload capacity: 110% permanent

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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