Vertiv eSure Rectifiers

Vertiv eSure RectifiersVertiv eSure Rectifiers offer superior performance and uncompromising reliability.  The R48-3200e approaches 97% efficiency and is the first of the ultra high efficient eSure rectifier line.  eSure rectifiers deliver the most reliability and the highest efficiency in the industry reducing power consumption and lowering operation cost.

The eSure R48-3200e rectifier converts standard AC supply voltages into stable nominal -48DC voltage adjustable to the needs of the application.  The R48-3200e is a constant power rectifier designed with the latest patented switch-mode technology using DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) functionality for efficient operation.

Vertiv eSure Rectifiers Features

  • Optimized depth – reduced footprint allows installation in short-depth racks and cabinets
  • DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) – means fewer components, optimized operation and active load sharing for increased reliability
  • Compliant with global standards – delivers quality, performance and reliability no matter what the application or location demands
  • High efficiency, near 97% – reduces power consumption for lower operating costs
  • Hot pluggable – facilitates future extensions
  • Wide input voltage range – operates in the most demanding environments where input voltage changes
  • Wide temperature operating range (-40C/-40F to +75C/167F) – meets the harshest climatic environment requirements

Also available: Vertiv eSure Converters

The Vertiv eSure C48/58-1000 Power Extend Converter is a compact device that economically boosts voltage up to -58 VDC to support increasing power needs of remote radio heads on cell towers. The eSure C48/58-1000 plugs into an existing DC distribution panel in the same position as a single-pole bullet circuit breaker, conserving usable space and provides up to 1000W in a single pole.

Popular Rectifier Models Include:

R48-2000e – R48-2000e data sheet
R48-2000e3 – R48-2000e3 data sheet
R48-3200e – R48-3200e data sheet 

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