Vertiv NetSure 5100 Series

Vertiv NetSure 5100 SeriesDiscretely power critical infrastructure at the edge of your network with optimized management, security, and control with the Vertiv NetSure 5100. This series of flexible DC power systems is designed for wireless access and fixed network applications offering unmatched temperature performance and high power density.

The NetSure 5100 Series, a compact -48 volt 600 A DC power solution, features an advanced control unit, up to (29) positions for 2000 W high-efficiency eSure rectifiers or 1500 W -48 V to +24 V converters or 2000 W solar converters, a single or dual row distribution cabinet, and hybrid and solar connectivity panels. The power system supports 19″W and 23″W rack mounting and is available in a number of configurations, designed to work with a wide range of applications. The distribution section supports up to (52) 1 A to 300 A circuit breakers or 1 A to 100 A TPS/TLS fuses. Options for battery disconnect breaker positions and dual voltage (-48 V/+24 V) breaker positions are available. Multiple LVD levels are supported, allowing load prioritization in up to two steps.

Remote monitoring and control is supported through multiple web browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Standard supported protocols include ModBus, SNMP V2 & V3. Encrypted security is provided by IPv6 and SNMPV3. Local access is provided through the controllers’ keypad and TFT display. NetSure DC Power systems from Vertiv™ offer extremely low failure rates, as well as low total cost of ownership. The 2000 W eSure rectifier delivers peak system efficiency above 96%. Maximum value is achieved by an advanced energy optimization function known as ECO mode, enabling significant energy savings even at low loads.

Vertiv NetSure 5100 Features

  • High Efficiency – 96.2% efficient eSure™ rectifiers ensure optimized total cost of ownership
  • Solar/Hybrid Capability – allows for connection of solar panels and facilitates hybrid site solutions to reduce grid dependency
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range – rectifiers function at -40 °C to +80 °C, up to +65 °C without de-rating, enabling CapEx and OpEx savings on climate systems in outdoor applications
  • Decreases CapEx – supports up to two load disconnect levels (LVD) enabling optimization of battery capacity
  • ECO Mode – an innovative function that enables significant energy savings, even at low load operation
  • Remote Access – monitoring through web browsers, TCP/IP & SNMP as standard
  • Battery Management – automatic battery tests in conjunction with battery midpoint or block voltage monitoring ensures early detection of battery problems

Vertiv NetSure 5100 Specifications

NetSure ModelsPower CapacityCurrent CapacityOutput Voltage, NominalInput Voltage, NominalHeightWidthDepthWeight
5100 Integrated 2 – 7.2 kW40 – 150 A-48 VDCSingle phase: 120 VAC, 208 VAC to 240 VACup to 5.25 in.19 or 23 in.14.7 in.up to 48 lbs.
512 Series 18 – 28.8 kW/1.5 – 19.2 kW40 – 600 A/50 – 400 A-48V DC, +24VSingle phase: 208 VAC to 240 VAC15.75 up to 22.75 in.27 in.16 in.up to 550 lbs.
5100 18 – 28.8 kW/1.5 – 19.2 kW40 – 600 A/50 – 400 A-48V DC, +24VSingle phase: 120 VAC, 208 VAC to 240 VAC8.75 up to 8 in.19 or 23 in.23.04 in. (with batteries)up to 600 lbs.
512 Single Row 2 – 4.8 kW/1.5 kW40 – 100 A/50 A-48V DC, +24VSingle phase: 208 VAC to 240 VAC8.75 in.23 in.14.25 in.up to 150 lbs.

For more in-depth product information, see the NetSure 5000 Series data sheet.


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