Vertiv NetSure 7100 Series

The Vertiv NetSure 7100 power system, with 3500 watt or 2000 watt rectifiers and 1500 watt DC to DC converters, provides up to 4000 amps of current for -48 volt systems with up to 520 amps at +24 volts. The basic components of the power system include the NetSure Control Unit (NCU), module mounting shelf assemblies which house the rectifiers and converters, and a modular distribution cabinet.

The NetSure 7100 contains a powerful, microprocessor-based control system capable of monitoring and controlling up to 60 rectifiers and converters. The NCU controller provides a full color LCD display, which can be activated at the touch of a keypad. Each shelf can accommodate up to six plug and play rectifiers, which are controlled by the NCU. Additional shelves can be added as load requirements increase. The 2000 watt rectifiers and 1500 watt -48 VDC to +24 VDC converters are housed in shelves that occupy 1 RU. Each shelf accommodates rectifiers in all six positions and converters in three positions. The NetSure 7100 can be expanded to up to three distribution bays for a total capacity of 4000 amps and up to twelve distribution panels. Each NetSure 7100 distribution cabinet is modular by row and position.

The NetSure 7000 Series of DC power systems is ideal for applications ranging from radio base stations and small offices to large office and data center facilities requiring high power efficiency, reliability and system availability in a small footprint.

Vertiv NetSure 7000 Features

  • Advanced controller offers battery management, AC service monitoring, site monitoring and configuration management
  • Remote access supports HTTPS with multiple browsers, network element management via Modbus or SNMP (v2 or v3)
  • Dual Ethernet port option
  • High system efficiency over 96%
  • Multiple AC input configurations
  • NEBS Level 3 certified and UL Listed to UL subject 1801
  • Optimized total cost of ownership
  • Safe and simple to install and operate
  • Enhanced real-time visibility into what’s powering your network
  • Includes DHCP Ethernet connection and local access via an additional port with a default IP address
  • Meets strict agency standards for safety and reliability
  • Low initial investment with scalable  configuration that allows for incremental system growth
  • High reliability with N+1 configuration redundancy

Vertiv NetSure 7100 Benefits

  • Indoor seismic Zone 4 rated enclosure option, 84″H x 28″W x 28″D
  • High Efficiency — 96.5% efficient eSure rectifiers ensure optimized total cost of ownership
  • Modular Design — simple to install and operate; allows incremental cost-effective system growth
  • Advanced Controller — offers battery management, site monitoring and configuration management
  • Multiple AC Input Configurations – single or three phase input from 208 to 277/480 VAC
  • Remote Access – Supports HTTPS with multiple browsers, network element management via Modbus or SNMP (v2 or v3)
  • Dual Port Option – allows permanent Ethernet connection with DHCP and automatically converts the front access port to the default IP user access
  • Front Accessible — allows for easy installation, additions and maintenance
  • Safety Compliance — NEBS Level 3 certified; UL Listed to UL subject 1801
  • New ultra-high density 3500 watt rectifiers provide 438 amps in 1RU of rack space, up to 2500 amps per bay

Emerson NetSure 7100 Specifications

ModelsPower CapacityCurrent CapacityOutput Voltage, NominalInput Voltage, NominalHeight Width Depth Weight 
NetSure 7100 Series200 kW4000 A-48 VDC208 VAC to 277/480 VAC84″23″ to 28″ 20.1″ to 28″ 200 to 650 lbs. 

For more in-depth specifications, see the NetSure 7100 data sheet.


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