Vertiv NetSure 8100DB

Vertiv NetSure 8100 DBThe Vertiv NetSure 8100DB distribution bay features high capacity, modularity, and simplified installation.​ These features provide effective secondary load distribution and protection for multiple -48 VDC feeds up to 640 amps (800 amps 20% derated) . Equipped with an advanced controller from Vertiv, optional Intelligent Load Management (ILM) enables you to visualize load location, power performance, and distribution inefficiencies in order to optimize the DC power system, control cooling, and avoid overload.

The NetSure 8100DB consists of a Zone 4 welded framework, with either six or eight panels and top or bottom feed/distribution. Each panel holds up to 168 fuse or circuit breaker positions per bay. Each bay may be configured for 2, 4, 6 or 8 busses. A wide variety of options are available including, internal ground bars with a paralleling feature that permits multiple panels to be tied together, and transient voltage surge suppression. The universal return bars can be mounted to overhead framing or a cable rack.

The NetSure 8100DB Series is designed for centralized power applications where secondary distribution is needed. These bays are ideal for colocation and core facilities including cable headends, MTSOs and MSOs. They are also well suited for applications requiring effective secondary load distribution and protection of power plants up to 640 amp capacity per load.

Vertiv NetSure 8100DB Features

  • Power supply and load distribution optimization
  • Safe system expansion with live distribution and circuit breaker changes
  • NEBS Level 3 certified
  • Efficiently address power demand today and tomorrow with scalable power systems that can be safely adjusted during live operation
  • Reduce unnecessary travel to site with remote services that enable you to identify issues and take corrective actions
  • Safely and easily adapt to new load requirements with live distribution and circuit breaker changes

Vertiv NetSure 8100DB Specifications

ModelsPower CapacityCurrent CapacityOutput Voltage, NominalInput Voltage, NominalHeightWidthDepthWeight (lbs)
8100DB Distribution Bay240 kW (8 load)
or 180 kW (6 load)
4800 A (8 load)
or 3600 A (6 load)
48 VDC48 VDC84 in.26″ or 30″16″ or 24″160 – 425 

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