Vertiv XTE 401 Series

Vertiv XTE 401 SeriesThe Vertiv XTE 401 Series is a family of three small single sided low-cost indoor or outdoor rated aluminum enclosures. These versatile enclosures can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive cooling, power, protection and battery options. The XTE 401 Series, with its robust enclosure, is designed to support a wide range of equipment for communication networks, monitoring equipment and general industrial applications. Even though these enclosures are relatively small in size, there is a long list of rack, backboard, power, thermal and mounting options that make these enclosures very adaptable to your specific requirements.

The XTE 401 Series, discretely houses DC power equipment, electronics and batteries in a single robust enclosure. Because of their small size, the XTE 401 series enclosures are ideal for inconspicuous deployment of mobile 2G/3G/4G cellular base stations, DAS nodes, mobile backhaul, remote power solutions, fiber (FTTx) nodes, advanced metering management (AMM) nodes or hybrid controller systems (solar, wind, etc.).

Vertiv XTE 401 Series Features

  • NEMA 3R design protects equipment from water and dust, while maintaining a cool operating environment.
  • UL and cUL listing ensures documented performance.
  • Designed to meet GR-487-CORE Issue 3 to ensure system reliability and durability.
  • Aluminum construction provides superior protection for panels, cables and splices, offering a long, corrosion resistant, problem-free service life.
  • Protect critical electronics and equipment from adverse environmental conditions
  • Maintain a cool operating environment with versatile thermal solutions
  • Deploy critical telecom infrastructure in space constrained environments
  • Multiple climate control options
  • More customization available for diverse configuration, cooling and mounting
  • Standard enclosure platform for multiple applications

Vertiv XTE 401 Series Specifications

ModelsHeight WidthDepthWeightRack Options and Dimensions
XTE 401, 241624 in24 in16 in45 lbs19″ W, (11) x 1.75″ RU (standard)
19″ W, (6) x 1.75″ RU (optional, used with battery tray)
XTE 401, 241024 in24 in10 in35 lbs19″ W, (11) x 1.75″ RU (standard)
19″ W, (6) x 1.75″ RU (optional, used with battery tray)
XTE 401, 381638 in24 in16 in55 lbs19″ W, (18) x 1.75″ RU (standard)
19″ W, (13) x 1.75″ RU (optional, used with battery tray)
23″ W, (10) x 1.75″ RU vertical mount

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