Vertiv XTE 601 Series

Vertiv XTE 601 SeriesThe Vertiv XTE 601 Series of scalable outdoor enclosure solutions is designed to ensure environmental stability for sophisticated electronic equipment and provide years of trouble-free service. By far the broadest line of Vertiv enclosures, the XTE 601 series ranges from 8RU all the way to 44RU of equipment space. They can be configured in literally thousands of combinations making them ideal for any wireline or wireless application, including – DSLAM, FTTx, backhaul, macro cell, C-RAN, and batteries. These enclosures have field proven reliability and have been deployed widely throughout North America by all major operators for over ten years.

By leveraging simplicity, flexibility and scalability across the platform, the Vertiv XTE 601 Series provides a rapidly deployable, cost-efficient solution to service providers around the world.  As subscriber interest for the ever-increasing array of broadband service grows, more and more sophisticated electronic equipment is being deployed in the outside plant. To provide the proper protection and controlled operating environment for this sensitive equipment and preserve the reliability of your network, Vertiv developed the XTE 601 Series. Its flexibility enables you to support a wide variety of OEM equipment with a single platform, under the wide range of weather extremes, thermal and electrical issues, and physical stresses encountered in the OSP environment.

By standardizing with the XTE 601 Series, you simplify network expansion and reduce the burden of stocking service parts, with the confidence that you will be able to deploy any OSP equipment anywhere in your network.

The XTE 601 Series platform is a proven structural system, with integrated climate control and power options. XTE 601 enclosures are offered in a broad range of standard sizes designated by the rack unit (RU) capacity of the equipment chamber. Single-bay, 2-bay and 4-bay enclosures are available as standard configurations, with a variety of door, base and sidechamber (SC) options. Pad, pole and wall mount options are offered.

Vertiv XTE 601 Series Features

  • Full flexibility and scalability — one enclosure for various wireless and wireline telecom applications
  • Multiple climate control solutions — satisfy your specific equipment heat dissipation and environmental demands
  • Increased ability to customize — diverse configuration, cooling and mounting options available
  • One standard enclosure platform for multiple applications — means fewer configurations and cabinet types to specify, install and maintain
  • Industry standards — platform designed to meet Telcordia GR-487-CORE, IP55, UL 60950/NWIN Type 3R, NEMA, NEC as well as other local requirements
  • Environmentally friendly cooling — low-energy consumption and low-noise fans are ideal for residential areas
  • Pad, pole and wall-mounting options — accommodate site requirements and limitations
  • Field-upgradable climate units — door-mounted with slide-off hinge to simplify service and replacement
  • Permanent ventilation ports — eliminate replacement of screens and filters, reducing field maintenance cost
  • Cabinet controller — cycles fan to maintain desired temperature, reducing power consumption and acoustic noise

XTE 601 Specifications

ModelsHeight WidthDepth
XTE 601, 8 RU22.22-38.78 in30 in25 in
XTE 601, 17 RU36.26-52.82 in42 in25 in; 46 in
XTE 601, 22 RU45.01-61.57 in30 in25 in
XTE 601, 27 RU53.76-70.32 in30-84 in25-46 in
XTE 601, 12 RU27.51-44.07 in30 in25 in
XTE 601, 32 RU62.51-65.07 in30 in32 in

For more in-depth specifications, see the Vertiv XTE 601 Series data sheet.

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