Vertiv XTE 601B Series

Vertiv XTE 601B SeriesThe Vertiv XTE 601B Series enclosures are available in a variety of heights and designed to accept NiCd and/or VRLA batteries, and can be cooled actively or by free air.  The XTE 601B Series includes the XTE Stackable Series, the EBRE Series and the 601B 60′-72″ enclosures.

  • The XTE Stackable Series enclosures are designed to address the need for battery backup power in the OSP environment. Each stand-alone battery module can be used to expand the capacity of existing OSP battery plants.
  • The XTE EBRE Series enclosure is an extended battery reserve enclosure that provides a stable environment for battery backup of your wireless site in case of power grid failure.
  • The 601B 60″-72″ flex enclosures provide high-density battery backup capacity in a compact and expandable enclosure.

Vertiv XTE 601B Series Features

  • Extend the life of your batteries with efficient cooling options.
  • Keep your batteries safe, secure and protected from adverse environmental conditions
  • High network availability through reliable DC power battery up
  • 24V and 48V DC backup enclosures accept VRLA and/or Ni-Cd batteries
  • Single shelf up to six battery shelves
  • Active and passive cooling and heating
  • Easy access cable entry
  • Provides battery backup to multiple cabinets via split-bus option
  • Designed to Telcordia GR-487 certification, Seismic Zone 4 rated and UL Listed

XTE 601B Models

Stackable Series48 VDC dual-stack battery module31 in28.9 in29.7 in255 lbs
EBRE Series24V&48V battery cabinet for 12V blocks up to 190Ah80 in36 in48.5 in980 lbs
601B, 60″-72″ Enclosures48V battery cabinets, 12V VRLA blocks, 60″ or 72″72 in36 in37 in1080 lbs

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