Vertiv XTE 802 Series

Vertiv XTE 802 SeriesVertiv XTE 802 Series are Vertiv’s largest enclosures. The XTE 802 Series supports seven-foot-tall relay equipment racks and allows staff to walk into them for protection from the elements. In addition to multiple sizes that can be configured to your specific application, they have the added benefit of being classified as a ‘cabinet’ vs. a ‘shelter’ in most jurisdictions which keeps permitting and deployment costs to a minimum.

The 802 Series is constructed entirely of lightweight steel and ensures that environmentally sensitive electronics are protected from vandalism and environmental damage at telecommunications sites including macro cellular, microwave radio, RAN aggregation, and edge applications with virtualized networks.

The interior walls of the XTE 802 Series are covered with a non-metallic, non-reflective wall board, and the floor is finished with an industrial grade non-slip floor tiling. The 802 Series comes standard with R12 insulation. Due to the small size of these enclosures, special building permits are not typically required in most municipal regions. The standard painted steel finish is available in off-white.

Vertiv XTE 802 Series Features

  • Lightweight walk-in steel structure offers low maintenance and a high quality design
  • Superior weather resistance designed to withstand wind loads of 175 mph and beyond and snow loads up to 300 PSF
  • Designed to meet seismic zone 4
  • Standard thermal management system features a direct air cooling system with a hydrophobic filter and standby HVAC for high temperature and emergency conditions
  • Vertiv offers turnkey packages for custom configurations and installation needs

XTE 802 Series Specifications

  • Construction – Welded 14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Protection – The powder coat finish protects against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water and damage from external ice formation, and meets Telcordia GR-487 mechanical and
    environmental standards for telecom enclosures.
  • Insulation – The wall cavities and roof are insulated with R-12 foam insulation.
  • Radiant Barrier Roof – Effective for reducing solar heat gain and reduce cooling costs, the Vertiv XTE 802 Enclosure features a radiant barrier roof constructed of 12 gauge galvanized steel in a four truss roof design with a powder coat finish. Center pitched for water run-off.
  • Interior Finish – The interior walls are finished with white textured Melamine panels over 5/8″ treated wood (1 hr. fire-rated).
  • Seven Inch Tall Base – To accommodate antenna feeders, the base includes a plinth with removable steel cover plates at each corner. Fork lift tubes on sides are also included.
  • Access Doors & Hardware – For security and easy access, the cabinet is equipped with an 18 gauge galvanized steel commercial grade insulated door with an outward opening of 36″ x 84″ and a 16 gauge galvanized steel frame.
  • Hardware includes: Dead bolt lock set, (3) stainless steel hinges with non-removable pin (per door), Galvanized steel threshold, Galvanized steel latch guard pick plate, Adjustable-hydraulic closer, 6″ aluminum drip cap above doorway
  • Installation – The enclosure can be installed on a traditional concrete pad or using an innovative helical support system. Designed to be installed in eight hours or less, the helical system is ideal for rapid deployment. Helical pillars are driven six to eight feet into the ground, below the frost line, to ensure the enclosure remains level.
  • Thermal Systems – Air conditioners and fresh air vent system with hydrophobic filter available. Systems can be deployed independently or in tandem with a lead-lag control to either prioritize energy efficiency or maximize cooling.
  • DC Power – The NetSure 5100 Series, a compact -48 volt DC power solution, provides up to 600 amps of current. This system features an advanced control unit; up to (29) positions for 2000 W high-efficiency eSure rectifiers or 1500 W -48 V to +24 V converters or 2000 W solar converters; and a single or dual row distribution cabinet.
Common Equipment Kit
  • Motion controlled 70 W outside lights
  • Interior LED lights
  • Smoke detectors
  • Door contacts for intrusion alarms
  • Halo ground
  • Cable racking
  • Telecom board with fold down table

For more in-depth specifications, see the XTE 802 Series data sheet.

For more information about Vertiv XTE 802 Series,
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