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EnerSys VaultFlex Battery Enclosures are the solution to today’s requirements for increased power and cooling required per cubic foot of enclosure for dense communication equipment. VaultFlex enclosures provide a secure thermally managed environment for backup battery systems that ensures the most efficient thermal management solution with the lowest energy consumption.

The alliance between EnerSys and Purcell Systems provides a one-stop resource for both batteries and enclosures. Availability through the global EnerSys distribution channel streamlines the process of building and managing a world-class stored energy system.

EnerSys VaultFlex Battery Enclosures Benefits

  • A fast off-the-shelf solution
  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Extended battery life
  • Built-in security features
  • Reduced costs for engineering, installation, maintenance and repair
  • Reduced capital and operational expenses
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Engineered to work in harmony
Matching batteries to enclosures, or enclosures to batteries, can be costly and time-consuming, often requiring compromise between power needs and available architecture. Because VaultFlex™ enclosures and EnerSys® PowerSafe® batteries are specifically designed to work together, this process is simplified and, most important, system life and reliability are optimized.

Heating and cooling options
Proper thermal management extends battery life, reducing operational and maintenance costs. VaultFlex enclosures are available with a selection of heating and cooling options including Air Conditioning (AC) and Direct Air Cooling (DAC). Enclosure architecture allows the cabinet to be divided into multiple thermal zones supporting vastly different equipment operating characteristics with the highest reliability and lowest TCO.

Cabinet modularity
The modular design of these thermally-managed outdoor enclosures provides flexibility to meet the exact needs of network operators. Much like prefabricated buildings, containers and shelters, modular design results in significant cost savings and optimum use of space. Pre-engineered and interchangeable modules provide optimal configurations with minimal cost and allow for growth as needs change or grow.

Flexible design
VaultFlex enclosures are offered in a range of sizes to accommodate diverse battery back-up requirements. Constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum with steel racks and rails, they support a wide range of EnerSys battery chemistries, including PowerSafe® SBS, PowerSafe V Front Terminal, PowerSafe OPzV or PowerSafe mSeries batteries.

Rugged construction
The thermally managed outdoor battery enclosures are compliant to hydrogen evacuation criteria per UL/CSA/EN 60950-22 issue 4, earthquake Zone 4 criteria per GR-63 and electrical safety criteria per UL/EN 60950-1 standards. VaultFlex™ enclosures are protected with a one-year limited warranty. EnerSys® offers 24/7 nationwide service, covering product procurement, installation and ongoing support.

Advanced PowerSafe® battery technology
The PowerSafe® family of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries from EnerSys provides a wide range of stored energy options. Common to all is optimized recombinant technology for long life and pressure relief valves for optimum safety. PowerSafe SBS batteries feature cells and monoblocs that retain the benefits of EnerSys Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology – from high energy density to exceptional cyclic performance in both float and fast charge applications, even in the hottest and harshest operating environments.

Specification Sheet

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