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VaultFlex UPS Enclosures provide a secure, thermally managed environment that maximizes the life and performance of UPS batteries with minimal lifecycle operating expense (OpEx). Outdoor rated construction provides the flexibility to take UPS batteries outside in order to free up space inside the data center for additional revenue-generating equipment. VaultFlex enclosures can also be mounted adjacent to modular, containerized UPS systems. Users can even opt to keep their batteries indoors, within the thermally-managed VaultFlex enclosure and raise the temperature of the data center room. This can result in significant utility savings while still maintaining optimal battery temperatures.

VaultFlex UPS Enclosures Features and Benefits

  • Free up space in your data center by placing your UPS batteries outside
  • Keep your batteries at optimal temperature even in containerized UPS applications
  • Supports 480V and 384V strings of EnerSys® DataSafe® XE batteries
  • Optional center tap cabling EnerSys service and installation available


  • Cabinet – 0.080″ (2mm) aluminum
  • Battery rack(s) – steel construction
  • Finish – ultra light gray polyester powder coat
  • Insulation – on cabinet walls and roof

Door/Side/Top Panels

  • Doors – front door(s)
  • Door handles – pad-lockable
  • Door hinges – hidden hinges

Cable Entry

  • Ingress/Egress – cable entry plates with covers

Mounting Options

  • Pad mountable or optional galvanized steel plinth Interior
  • Climate unit alarm
  • 400A, 500A and 600A breaker options


  • IBC (2015), ASCE 7-10, CBC (2016)
  • OSHPD – Optional Certification

Specification Sheet

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