APC NetShelter SV IT Enclosure by Schneider Electric

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The APC NetShelter SV universal IT enclosure, by Schneider Electric, is a cost-effective solution with basic functionality and features. The NetShelter SV maintains a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, and cable management to provide a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.  The SV offers optional features, such as side panels, and an un-assembled model that reduces the cost of the base enclosure.

The NetShelter SV system is designed simple and fast to installation, with many accessories to help you organize your most critical equipment in a neat and orderly way. Our suite of cable management products can help turn any installation into an organized IT space and provide an ideal rack solution. The NetShelter SV family includes racks in taller, wider and deeper dimensions to help house and maintain any type of equipment and cabling.

APC NetShelter SV Features

  • Compatibility with accessories
  • Easily integrated rack PDU options
  • Optimized rack dimensions for IT applications
  • Easily removable side panels and doors allow easy access for equipment installation and cable routing
  • Racks that keep critical equipment safe and secure
  • Pre-installed rear accessory mounting brackets
  • Un-assembled enclosure option for unique sites
  • Standard-profile castors and adjustable leveling feet from underneath
  • Joining hardware, enclosure adjustment tools and hardware provided
  • Adjustable mounting rails with simple alignment
  • Removable full-height side panels
  • Built-in space for patching
  • Quick release doors with spring pin design
  • Integrated electrical grounding

APC NetShelter SV Models

AR240042U24 in41.7 in
AR2401 (no side panels)42U24 in41.7 in
AR240748U24 in41.7 in
AR248042U32 in41.7 in
AR248748U32 in41.7 in
AR250042U24 in48 in
AR250748U24 in48 in
AR258042U32 in48 in
AR258748U32 in48 in
AR2400FP1 (unassembled)42U24 in41.7 in

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