Eaton MiniRaQ

Eaton MiniRaQThe Eaton MiniRaQ is the ideal vertical wall-mount rack enclosure for edge IT and power management equipment. Capable of supporting up to 400 pounds in a compact footprint, the MiniRaQ provides an edge solution for customers looking for a reliable wall-mount rack enclosure capable of fitting into confined spaces. With 50 percent smaller footprint than competitive solutions, MiniRaQ wall-mount cabinet is ideal for network closets and edge applications.

Compatible with a wide variety of Eaton UPS (lead-acid and lithium battery offerings), automatic transfer switches, bypass and rack power distribution units, the MiniRaQ supports your power reliability requirements, while providing an additional level of security for remote environments. Unlike traditional horizontal-mount enclosures with 19- to 23-inch limitations, you can vertically mount networking and server equipment up to 35 inches in length safely and securely within your Edge application. The MiniRaQ’s convertible design allows you to adapt and future-proof your environment as your requirements change by upgrading to the secure version. With depths up to 35 inches in an enclosure that extends less than 13 inches from the wall, MiniRaQ fully supports your next edge IT deployment with minimal footprint impact.

MiniRaQ by Eaton, offers customers three main options that are available in two sizes, compact and tall. Select the open version for simplified deployments, the convertible version if you require flexibility or the secure version for optimum security.

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