CL Cabinet

CL CabinetThe CL Cabinet, by Great Lakes, is designed for colocation applications and offers distinct segregation and access control to each cabinet bay.  Users can configure raceways to enter from top or bottom.  The CL offers unique Locking Core Handles on each bay.  With the two vertical raceways to second and third bays  users can segregate cables from other bays. Individual sets of rails in each bay are independently depth adjustable. Optional intelligent access control allows for monitoring and managing entry.

CL Cabinet Features

  • TAA Compliant
  • Welded frame with 19″ EIA mounting rails with RMU markings, FMP, and square hole pattern to use with optional ¼ turn “D” rings
  • Two pairs of 3/8″ sq. (M6) rails in every bay
  • Pair of solid tamper resistant side panels (internally secured)
  • Dedicated cable entry to each bay; entry is from cabinet top unless specified
  • Front and rear doors with locking swing handle; unique locking core to each bay
  • 2500 lb. weight capacity 
  • Dedicated vertical cable management raceways to each bay cannot be accessed from other compartments
  • Full height, tamper resistant side panels internally secured from all bays
  • Doors with standard swing handles feature unique locking core
  • Top and bottom cable access knockouts to orient raceways as needed (top raceways standard)
  • Standards: RoHS II

CL Cabinet Specifications

Depth: 36″ – 48″
Width: 30″

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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