NetShelter Vertical Cable Management

NetShelter Vertical Cable ManagementNetShelter Vertical Cable Management organizes and protects cables data centers and telecom applications.  More servers means more outlets and more data cables that need to be managed. Secure and protect both fiber and copper cabling at every U space  with the AR771. Our low profile cable manager, like the AR7580A, secures all cabling outside the 19″ rack-mounting space and maximizes access for user-replaceable components.

NetShelter Vertical Cable Management Specifications

  • Rack U Space – 42U
  • No equipment clearance impact
  • Compatible racks – AR3100, AR 3300, AR3150, AR3350
  • Cable capacity – 251 and 1271 fiber and 38 to 190 Cat6a
  • Availability – usually in-stock

For more information about NetShelter Vertical Cable Management,
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