Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv VR RackThe Vertiv VR Rack is designed for easy installation and integration of components and devices and to support high-density weight loads. With a frame capable of supporting up to 3000 lbs./Static, 2250 lbs./Dynamic, this 42U rack has a frame height that will allow access through standard doors on four swivel casters. The VR supports a wide variety of equipment, including servers, storage, switches, routers, PDUs, UPSs, console port servers and KVM switches and is delivered ready for high density environments.

The Vertiv VR Rack comes complete with keys and a hardware kit that includes 50 M6 cage nuts and screws, a cage nut installation tool, edge protection for top panel cable entry, a T30 / Phillips L key and T30 extension driver. All models feature a single 77% perforated locking front door, split 77% perforated locking rear doors, two pairs of split locking side panels, a high-density cable entry top cover, two sets of 19” EIA rails and two full height rack PDU Mounting /cable management brackets (one per side). The VR Rack is built with low-profile casters and leveling feet, baying brackets and bolt-down brackets and ships with shock packaging and are TAA Compliant

Vertiv VR Rack Features

  • Available in 10 standard sizes
  • Full depth adjustability of the 19” rails
  • Frame design allow for more than 2.5” more usable depth than similar sized racks
  • Doors that have 77% perforation and can be hinged on either side
  • Tool-less removable top panel has four cable entry holes allowing for up to 2000 Cat6 cables, or 60A PDU plugs
  • Two dual purpose full height depth adjustable PDU/cable management brackets mounted in the zero U space with tool-less button mounting of rack PDUs, accessory mounting holes for tool-less cable management accessories, and integrated cable tie off positions
  • 42U frame height that allows for the rack to pass through standard doors on casters
  • Simple external baying, allows for metric baying or on 24” centers
  • Split side panels with single locking slam latch allows for easy single person removal/installation
For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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