APC Rack Automatic Transfer Switch

Rack Automatic Transfer SwitchAPC Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (rack ATS) provides reliable, redundant power to single-corded equipment.  The rack ATS has dual input power cords supplying power to the connected load.  If the primary power source becomes unavailable, the rack ATS will seamlessly source power from the secondary source without interrupting critical loads.  The Rack ATS has built-in network connectivity, which allows for remote management via Web, SNMP, or Telnet interfaces.

APC Rack Automatic Transfer Switches Models:

100V, 120V Input

  • AP7750 – Rack ATS, 15A, 100/120V, (2) 5-15 in, (8) 5-15 out
  • AP7752 – Rack ATS, 120V, 20A, L5-20 In, (10) 5-20R out
  • AP7753 – Rack ATS, 2U, 120V, 30A, L5-30P in, (16) 5-20 out

200V, 208V, 230V Input

  • AP7721 – Rack ATS, 10A.230V, 12A/208V, C14 in, (12) C13 out
  • AP7723 – Rack ATS, 20A/208V, 16A/230V, C20 in, (8) C13 (1) C19 out
  • AP7730 – Rack ATS, 200-208V, 20A, L6-20 in, (8) C13 (1) C19 out
  • AP7732 – Rack ATS, 2U, 208V, 30A, L6-30P in, (16) C13, (2) C19 out

208 3PH Input

  • AP7701 – Rack ATS, 5.7kW, 100/120V, (2) L21-20 in, (1) L21-20 out

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