ASCO 7000 Series Low-Voltage Power Control System

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The ASCO 7000 Series Low-Voltage Power Control System is custom-configured and manufactured to parallel standby and utility sources for both low and medium voltage applications to meet the complex emergency and prime power requirements of mission-critical facilities. The 7000 Series is designed, manufactured and thoroughly tested and certified to the toughest global standards, for operations of all sizes and requirements.

The benefits of paralleling different power sources include;

Utility Load Curtailment – When utilities direct users to reduce demand, facilities can use generators to provide supplemental power instead of curtailing load.
Peak Shaving – To avoid demand charges, facilities can run generators to replace a portion of utility power during peak use periods.
Parallel Utility, Generators, and On-Site Renewables – Parallel two or more power sources to enhance reliability, reduce energy consumption, and lower energy costs.

Monitoring and synchronizing generators is essential for any electrical system served by more than one power source. The 7000 Series PCS synchronizes and connects multiple sources after comparing voltage, frequency, and phase angle. They can parallel multiple bus segments to connect priority loads quickly. Generator Load Demand maximizes the efficient use of standby generator capacity by adding or removing generators according to demand. It ensures reliability and availability by connecting sufficient power when needed. It conserves fuel and reduces engine-generator wear-and-tear by operating fewer generators at higher efficiencies.

ASCO 7000 Series Low-Voltage Power Control System Features

  • Parallel up to 32 generators and parallel generators with utility feeds and renewable energy sources
  • Provide segmented bus to increase availability and connect multiple generators more quickly
  • Control up to 128 automatic transfer switches and/or electrically operated circuit breakers
  • Measure real-time demand to add and shed loads according to available generation capacity
  • Employ redundant controls to enhance reliability
  • Prioritize loads to ensure the most important circuits receive power first
  • Fully customized sequences incorporating load banks, fuel systems, battery systems, UPS’s, and other related systems
  • No traditional (external) load share components are required
  • Manually control the connection and disconnection of both loads and power sources
  • UL 1558 construction, listing and labeling. UL 891 also available.
  • 24″, 42″ and redundant 24″ screen choices
  • IBC Seismic and OSHPD certification
  • Modbus® and BACnet communication options

ASCO 7000 Series Low-Voltage Power Control System Specifications

System Voltage600V Max.
Isolated Bus (Open-Transition)Yes
Generator Soft Load/UnloadYes
Utility Tie (Momentary Closed Transition)Yes
Utility Tie (Soft Load/Unload)Yes
Main Bus Amp size availableUp to 10,000 A
Switchgear StandardUL 1558 (Std.), UL 891 (Opt.)
Bus Bracing level, kAUp to 200
Arc Resistant/Arc Protection RelayingOptional
EnclosureType 1 /Type 3R
Generator Paralleling Breakers1 or 2 per cubicle
Max. Generator Breaker Frame Size3200 A (2), 5000 A (1)
Tie and/or Utility Circuit Breaker AvailableOptional
Master ControlsIntegrated | Segregated
Master Controls Touch Screen24” Std. / up to 42”
Redundant Touch ScreensOptional
Engine-Generator Info ScreenYes
NFPA 110 Generator MonitoringYes
Master PLCYes
Redundant Master PLCOptional
Redundant Master I/OOptional
Hardwired Manual ParallelingStandard
Bus Load OptimizationStandard
Generator Load DemandStandard
Max Number of ATS for Load Control (MO DCB)32 Std. / up to 128
Max Number of ATS for Load Control (EO DCB)32 Std. / up to 128
Main Bus – Maximum Segments8
Generator ControlsIntegrated | Segregated
Generator Synchronizer TypeDigital
Generator PLCYes
Hardwired Backup ControlsStandard
Generator Controls Touch ScreenOptional

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