ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Transfer Bypass-Isolation Switch

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The ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Transfer Bypass-Isolation Switch is available in open transition, closed transition, and delayed transition designs. The bypass and isolation features allow the primary automatic transfer switch to be inspected, tested, and maintained without interrupting power to the load. They also provide redundant power transfer if the ATS is disabled or removed from service.

ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Transfer Bypass-Isolation Switch Features

  • Available 150 to 4000 amps.
  • Allows bypass-isolation without load interruption.
  • Bypass switch and transfer switch have identical electrical ratings.
  • Heavy-duty mechanical interlocks prevent unintended operation.
  • Bypass contacts carry current only during bypass mode.
  • Drawout design allows for easy transfer switch maintenance.
  • Bypass and isolation handles are permanently mounted. The bypass switch has dead front quick-make, quick-break operation for transferring loads between live sources.
  • Bypass switch is fully rated for use as a manual 3-position transfer switch.
  • Bypass and isolation functions are simple, requiring a total of two operating handles.
  • No toggle switches, push buttons, selector switches, or levers are required for bypass-isolation operation.
  • Mechanical indicators show bypass and transfer switch positions.
  • 800 – 1200 amp models available in shallow depth, front connected or rear connected designs.

Transfer Switch Drawout Features (150-4000 Amps)

  • Automatic secondary disconnects remove all control power as switch is withdrawn.
  • Drawout carriage provides for easy transfer switch mechanism maintenance and/or removal via commercially available breaker hoists.
  • Optional transfer switch lifting yoke kit available
  • Optional automatic shutters that close when the transfer switch is withdrawn to provide bus isolation.

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