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ASCO Series 300 Group G Power Transfer SwitchThe ASCO Series 300 Group G Power Transfer Switch automatically transfers critical loads in the event of a power outage. The Series 300 incorporates the Group G controller with enhanced capabilities for dependable operation in any environment. A user-friendly control interface with a 128 x 64 graphical LCD display and intuitive symbols allow for ease of operation while visual LED indicators display the transfer switch status. Operating parameters and feature settings can be adjusted without opening the enclosure door.

The rugged construction and proven performance of the ASCO Series 300 assure the user many years of complete reliability. The Series 300 is even designed to handle the extraordinary demands placed on the switch when switching stalled motors and high inrush loads. ASCO’s Series 300 modular, compact design makes it easy to install, inspect and maintain. All parts are accessible from the front so switch contacts can be easily inspected.

The ASCO Series 300 product line represents the most compact design of automatic power transfer switches in the industry. With space in electrical closets at a premium, the use of wall- or floor-mounted ASCO Power Transfer Switches assure designers optimum utilization of space. All transfer switches through 2000 amperes are designed to be completely front accessible. This permits the enclosures to be installed flush against the wall and still allow installation of all power cabling and connections from the front of the switch. Cable entrance plates are also standard on the 1600 and 2000 amperes units to install optional side-mounted pull boxes for additional cable bending space

ASCO Series 300 Group G Power Transfer Switch Features

  • The SERIES 300 is listed to UL 1008 standard for total system loads and CSA standard C22.2 for automatic transfer switches.
  • Meets NFPA 110 for Emergency and Standby Power Systems.
  • Easy-to-navigate 128 x 64 graphical LCD display with keypad provides LED indicators for switch position, source availability, not in auto mode, and alert condition.​
  • No danger of the Series 300 ATS transferring loads to a dead source because the unique ASCO single-solenoid operator derives power to operate from the source to which the load is being transferred.
  • Integrated multilingual user interface for configuration and monitoring.
  • Adjustable time-delay feature prevents switch from being activated due to momentary utility power outages and generator dips

Group G Power Transfer Switch Models

ModelsAmpere SizePole CountVoltageEnclosure Type
ASCO Series 300 Group G Service Entrance Power Transfer Switch30 – 30002, 3, 4115 – 600Type 1, 3R, 3RX, 4, 4X, 12
ASCO Series 300 Group G Power Transfer Load Center200 – 400A2, 3208 – 240VType 1, 3R

For more in-depth information, see the Service Entrance Power Transfer Switch data sheet and the Power Transfer Load Center data sheet.

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