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ASCO Retrofits and UpgradesASCO Retrofits and Upgrades are a cost-effective option for improving the reliability and functionality of your power equipment. ASCO offers direct component replacement, door-and-panel replacement, control segregation, and programming upgrades. Whether it’s replacing obsolete components, adding communications and monitoring systems, or enhancing third-party equipment with new ASCO innovations, ASCO has the know-how to support and complete upgrade projects on time and on budget.

Component-Level Upgrades can replace obsolete modules, add redundancy, provide the latest features, and extend the service life of legacy equipment.

In a Door-and-Panel Replacement technicians need only remove old equipment, install the new doors and/or panels, connect the associated wiring, and complete associated testing. This approach quickly implements direct replacement or upgrade of entire component sets, minimizes installation time, and limits operational disruptions.

A Control Segregation upgrade replaces obsolete or dysfunctional PCS control and monitoring equipment and installs new segregated controls. This can be accomplished by bypassing the entire set of legacy monitoring, control, and communication components and installing upgraded control equipment in new sections. This arrangement segregates the PCS controls to a new remote location, and can incorporate changes to sequences of operation.

When performing Program Upgrades, some change to PCS controls may require adjusting the existing sequence of operations for existing power operations or adding new sequences to provide additional capabilities. In other instances, facility operators seize the opportunity to improve event sequences.

By employing any of these retrofits and upgrades, a facility can benefit from up to date features and longer life at a fraction of the disruption and cost associated with complete system replacement.

ASCO Retrofits and Upgrades Services

  • Transfer Switch Control Center Upgrades
  • Transfer Switch Accessory Upgrades
  • Metering Equipment Installation
  • Communication System Integration
  • Programmable Logic Controller Updates
  • Power Monitoring and Control Services

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