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Geist Monitored Rack PDUGeist Monitored Rack PDU (rPDU), by Vertiv, provide a comprehensive view of power usage, both at the rack and via remote access while continuing to provide reliable power distribution to critical IT equipment. Vertiv Monitored rPDUs are available in a variety of electrical and receptacle configurations. Every unit is 100% tested for reliability and functionality.

The next generation of rPDUs provides the industry’s highest availability and most intelligent power monitoring and distribution complete with simplified energy management, a future-proof design, and cost savings that ensure your data center can operate at peak efficiency.

Geist Monitored Rack PDU Features

  • Hot-Swappable and upgradeable monitoring device.
  • Local and remote power monitoring with accuracy of +/- 1% (ANSI & IEC Standards).
  • VLC (Visible Light Communication).
  • Environmental monitoring with the addition of optional sensors.
  • High Temperature Grade 60°C for high temperature environments.
  • Color-coded U-Lock receptacles by circuit for instant identification on select units.
  • Available in vertical and horizontal rackmount form factors.
  • Flexibility to meet a broad range of requirements, with a variety of electrical and receptacle configurations available.
  • Simple and quick installation in all standard racks or cabinets with included mounting brackets.
  • TAA Compliant

Popular Models Include

120 Input
VP8830: Rack, monitored, 20A, 120V, (24)5-20R
VP8832: Rack, monitored, 30A, 120V, (24)5-20R

208 Input
VP4551V: Rack, monitored, 60A, 208V, (12)U-Lock C13/(12)U-Lock C19
VP7811B: Rack, monitored, 30A, 208V, (12)C13/(4)C19
VP8841: Rack, 30A, 208V, (36)C13/(6)C19
VP8866: Rack, 60A, 208V, (12)C13/(12)C19
VP8867: Rack, 60A, 208V DELTA, (30)C13
VP8868: Rack, 35A, 208V DELTA, (36)C13/(6)C19
VP43301: Rack, 30A, 208V, (36) Combination Outlet C13/C19, 66.25 in H x 2 in W x 2 in D, 16 lb
VP46301: Rack, 60A, 208V Delta, (30) Combination Outlet C13/C19, 70 in H x 2.10 in W x 3 in D, 32 lb

120/208 Input
VP8865: Rack, 30A, 120V & 208V, (36)C13/(6)C19 /(2) 5-20R
VP43302: Rack, 30A, 208V, (36) Combination Outlet C13/C19, 70 in H x 2 in W x 2 in D, 17 lb

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

For more information about Geist PDU’s by Vertiv,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].