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Server Technology PDUs Legrand PDU’s offer reliability, innovation, modularity and efficiency. Server Technology, Raritan and Starline PDUs are part of the Legrand family of products. Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, that prides itself on being a PDU innovator and sells more intelligent PDUs in the American market than any other manufacturer Legrand Power Distribution Units are integral to powerful, reliable, and efficient data centers.


Legrand – Server Technology Rack/Cabinet PDUs

Server Technology leads the industry with this unique Rack/Cabinet Power Distribution Unit featuring outlet innovation that is a UL tested hybrid of a C13 and C19 outlet and accommodates both C14 and C20 plugs in an alternating phase configuration. This innovative design reduces the complexity of the PDU selection process while lowering end costs. HDOT Cx provides the data center operator with flexibility, sustainability and removes the need for new PDUs when equipment changes. The CX offers inherent load balance due to alternating phase outlets and you can see environmental sensor information on the same screen as your PDU.

HDOT CX Benefits

  • Reliable power distribution and secure remote power management, plus: 
  • Available in Smart, Switched and POPS (per outlet power sensing) with Alternating Phase. 
  • Shortest possible jumper cord paths for improved airflow. 
  • Inherent load balancing across phases for Alternating Phase (3-phase) PDUs. 
  • Common chassis across families for “design once, run anything” simplicity. 
  • Most outlets per form factor. 
  • Combines two outlets into one. 


The HDOT (highest density outlet technology) of the HDOT Rack/Cabinet Power Distribution Unit from Server Technology allows for more outlets per PDU, allowing end-users to reduce the number of PDUs needed, saving space and money. Where conventional PDUs offer four outlets, the HDOT offers 6 in the same sized PDU. It is available in Switched, Smart, POPS, and with Alternating Phase Outlets. 

The HDOT Intelligent Rack PDU series provides reliable power distribution for IT equipment located in data center space such as server rooms, network closets, enterprise data centers and colocation data centers. 

HDOT Benefits

  • 3-Phase PDUs
  • HDOT (Highest Density Outlet Technology)
  • Most Outlets per Form Factor
  • Right Outlets in the Right Place
  • Higher Certified Operating Temp 65° C
  • Alternating Phase – Easy load balancing
  • Configure Your Customized PDU 
  • Easy Load Balancing


Legrand – Raritan Rack/Cabinet PDUs

PX Intelligent Rack PDU – with its high level display all data is easily viewed at the PDU without the need to access a computer. Offers a dual interface with two ports. The feature ports allow for a wide range of complex and advanced environmental and security sensors. With up to 30 sensors security and environmental sensing can be utilized within PDU space such as vibration, contact closure, temperature, differential air pressure, airflow, humidity and fluid leakage.

  • Support for 120 to 400V: single or three-phase
  • Form factors from Zero to 3U
  • Built-in Failover Power
  • Circuit Breaker Trip Alarming
  • Efficient Latching Relays
  • Remote Power Control/Outlet Level Power management
  • Residual Current Monitoring Option
  • Dual Network Access

Edge Managed PDUs – The PXO and PX3-5041 power distribution units are enterprise grade, scalable and secure, small form factor PDU for Edge applications that may not allow for full size PDU. 

  • 120V and 208V options
  • Remote power cycling to outlets
  • Advanced alerting and intelligence
  • Visibility and control of powered devices
  • Optional motion sensors, environmental monitoring, webcam and Wi-Fi capabilities

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