PDI PowerPak 2 PDU

PDI PowerPak 2 PDUThe PDI PowerPak 2 PDU provides intelligent and flexible power distribution with a 42 inch x 40 inch cabinet housing a 100 kVA – 400 kVA transformer all within a small footprint and true front accessibility. The PowerPak 2 PDU, by PDI, an Eaton Company, offers hundreds of possible distribution configurations. A patent pending 3D access window allows true front access (TFA) for service and maintenance and panel board and/or sub feed distribution in the main cabinet. PowerPak 2 offers a transformer with up to 400kVA DOE2016, and incorporates compartmentalized design in order to isolate low and high voltage components.

PDI PowerPak 2 PDU Features

  • Five Tier True Front Access (TFA) enables operation, maintenance and service from the front of the PDU maximizing safety.
  • Smallest foot-print in the industry, the PowerPak 2 PDU can accommodate up-to a 400kVA DOE2016 transformer while maintaining a True Front Access (TFA) main cabinet size of 42” width.
  • Front Access Infrared Scanning, a patent pending 3D Access Window and Specialized Transformer designs enable infrared scanning from the front of the PDU.
  • PowerPak 2 offers DOE compliant transformers in sizes up to 400 kVA DOE2016.
  • The PowerPak 2 PDU offers multiple distribution panelboard and sub feed options in-cabinet and in optional side cars.
  • Isolated compartments for both high and low voltage components simplify maintenance and increase safety.
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring by PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) allows for the pro-active management of power usage and availability.
  • Landing service entrance cables has never been easier with Top/Bottom Entry/Exit configurations.

PDI PowerPak 2 PDU Specifications

kVA Rating100kVA – 400kVA
Input3-phase, 3-wire plus ground
Input Voltage
@ 50 Hz: 380V – 415V
@ 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208V
Output3-phase, 4-wire plus ground
Output Voltage
@ 50 Hz: 575, 415/240, or 380/230V

@ 60 Hz: 600, 575, 480, or 208/120V

200% neutral busbar connection
Listed to UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2#60950-1, UL 891, IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
DOE2016 transformers standard for USA.
Operating Efficiency: 98% or better.
Copper wound construction – better conducting and more resilient than aluminum.
Dual electrostatic shield – attenuates high frequency noise.
Oversized 200% neutral conductor.
Common mode noise protection.
Transverse mode noise protection.
Optional Quad-Wye® Technology solves harmonic problems by canceling the destructive triplen and non-triplen current harmonics.
NEMA 1 enclosure with removable front, side, and rear panels.
Integrated two-point latch and vision panels.
Flush-mounted door handle with integral locks.
Advanced door catch assures positive closure.
Optional floor skirts.
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: ambient 0°C to 40°C.
Relative humidity: 0% to 95% non-condensing.
Altitude ≤ 10,000 ft.
50 Hz Operating Range: 47-53 Hz.
60 Hz Operating Range: 57-63 Hz.
Storage Temperature: ambient -10°C to +40°C.
Monitor: WaveStar® monitor.
WaveStar® color touch monitor.
Communications: Serial RS-485 Modbus RTU; optional SNMP or TCP/IP communications.
BCMS: Available as factory-installed option.
Options: Per circuit output monitoring.
Thermal: Dual transformer thermal sensors.
True RMS metering.
Accurate kW, power factor and THD measurement.
Transient Suppression Network (TSN)An integrated system engineered to meet ANSI/IEEE category C standards for transient voltages and surge currents.
Lightning Arrestor/Surge SuppressorProtects the insulation of the system magnetics.
Distribution Panelboards/Sub-Feed BreakersCustomized distribution configurations meet the demands of any facility.
Redundant Power Distribution Systems
WaveStar® Manual Dual System
Dual-Input power distribution system allows for manual source selection to isolate upstream equipment and facilitate system maintenance and repair.

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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